Happy World Letter Writing Day 2022 Best Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Images & Wallpaper

Happy World Letter Writing Day 2022 Best Wishes, SMS, Messages, Greetings, Images & Wallpaper. Are you ready to celebrate World Letter Writing Day on September 1st? If so, now is the time to pick up a pen and write down your feelings on a piece of paper. Yes, some writing may seem like a weird idea in this day and age. But it will definitely be one of the most interesting things you can do in the long run. Letters can be love letters, filled with anger, or even written to create memories. All you have to do is write it down and hand it over to the person to whom it is addressed. So grab your pen and get started. Here’s a collection of new Letter Writing Day messages and World Letter Writing Day quotes. That share a fantastic share with everyone on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. 

History of World Letter Writing Day

The day was founded by Richard Simpkin, an Australian writer, artist and photographer who loves handwriting. It started when he started writing to people he considered Australian legends and got their feedback too! In 2005, his experience writing letters to legends made it possible for him to publish the book “Australian Legends”. In the book, he pays homage to the art of letter writing and looks back at how it has changed everything for him. To further honor handwritten letters, he created World Letter Writing Day in 201 Let. He also conducts letter writing workshops in schools to promote the industry.

From there, letters became an art form and stood as a genre of literature. Things changed a lot when postal services were created and people started using letters for personal communication. In fact, during the war, letters were the only means of communication between family and lovers.

World Letter Writing Day Activities

To celebrate the day, write a letter to a friend or family member. Chances are, they will answer you in writing too. The current generation may not know how to write a letter and mail it by post. If you see someone like this, use this process to teach them. Revive the art of letter writing by reading letters from world-renowned writers, artists, kings and presidents. All you have to do is pick a simple paper, start writing your thoughts for a recipient, and then send them a letter through the post office. 

Why We Love World Letter Writing Day

Since letter writing is all about writing feelings and messages in your own handwriting, it brings a personal touch to the law. Although emails can be saved, it’s not fun to go through them after ten years. On the other hand, letters are nostalgic and will nurture your friends and family for decades. The day is a great reminder of the letter writing industry and plays an important role in keeping the industry alive. Also, our future generations will know what letter writing is, unless we leave a reminder.

World Letter Writing Day dates

Year Date Day
2021 September 1 Wednesday
2022 September 1 Thursday
2024 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday

World Letter Writing Day Best SMS, Messages & Greetings Card

“Though times have changed and computer typing has replaced handwriting but National Handwriting Day reminds us that handwriting will always have its charm.”

“There is nothing more beautiful than reading something handwritten. Warm wishes on National Handwriting Day to you.”

“No matter how much technically advance we are going to get but the old school charm of handwriting will always be special. Happy Handwriting Day to you.

“Wishing a very special National Handwriting Day to you. On this occasion, let us take a break and write something on paper to see our own handwriting.”

“Handwriting still matters and still has a very special place. Pick up a pen and start writing. Wishing a very Happy Handwriting Day to you.

“Typing would never bring the same happiness as writing does. Sending you a reminder on National Handwriting Day to write something and make it a special day.”

“We are celebrating National Handwriting Day so that the fun of writing never fades, so that we always appreciate good handwriting. Warm wishes on this special day.”

World Letter Writing Day Best Quotes

“There is something special about writing a letter with your hands, something that you would not do for just anyone. Warm wishes on Letter Writing Day.”

“The occasion of Letter Writing Day reminds us all of the good times when writing letter was the “beautiful way of staying connected. Happy National Letter Writing Day.”

“Let us write letters so that this simple and heartfelt way of staying connected doesn’t end because of technology. Wishing everyone a very Happy Letter Writing Day.”

“Writing a letter is an art and we surely are going to lose it very soon if we don’t continue it. Wishing everyone a very Happy National Letter Writing Day.”

“In present times where everything is instant and short, writing a letter may be the most special way of connecting with our dear ones. Happy Letter Writing Day.”

“Receiving a letter would always bring a smile to the face. Let us gift that smile to our someone special with our handwritten letter. Warm wishes on Letter Writing Day.”

“Writing a letter and keeping the letters safe is something that present generation is not aware of. Let us teach them this beautiful art. Happy Letter Writing Day.

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