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Know about Bangladesh's Top Boxer's Biography, Early Life, Career and Achievements

Everyone in Bangladesh knows Shakib Al Hasan or Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, the gems of Bangladesh cricket. But if somebody asks about Sura Krishna Chakma, then perhaps 70% of the Bangladeshi people will fail to recognize him. Well, who is this Sura Krishna Chakma? How did he make Bangladesh proud? Wanna know these answers? You’ll find these here. Here, we will represent Bangladesh’s premium boxer through Sura Krishna Chakma Biography. Know about Bangladesh’s Top Boxer’s Early Life, Education, Career, Height, Salary, and Achievements. Neymar Contract Expiry Date and Salary.

Sura Krishna Chakma Biography (Education, Career, Salary)

Know every detail about the country’s premium boxer Sura.

Who is Sura Krishna Chakma?

In this Sura Krishna Chakma Biography, first know, who this Sura Krishna Chakma really is? Sura Krishna Chakma is a 28-years-old professional boxer from Bangladesh. He is from Jurasuri, Rangamati. Sura is a Gold Medal winner in Boxing at the Bangladesh Games and also became the National Champion. Sura also won the Bronze medal in amateur boxing in the South Asian Games. However, he came into the limelight after winning the International Gold Medal in the “Xcel presents South Asian Pro Boxing Fight Night – The Ultimate Glory”.

Sura Krishna Chakma Biography Details:

Name Sura Krishna Chakma
Age 28 (Born in 1994)
Birth Place Jurasuri, Rangamati, Bangladesh
Current Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Current Rating (International) 1162/2164
Current Rating (Bangladesh) 1/1
Bouts 3
Division Light
Debut 2018-04-17
Career 2018-2022

Krishna Chakma’s Early Life:

Sura Krishna Chakma was born in 1994. His birthplace is in Jurasuri, Rangamati, a hill-tract district of Bangladesh. Sura has been an active guy since his childhood. He loved to work hard and had massive aims. He cherished a dream to be a professional boxer from his boyhood. His boxing career started in class 7 when he was just an adolescent.

Sura Krishna Chakma Biography
Bangladeshi Boxer Gold Medal

Krishna Chakma’s Education:

Just like his boxing talent, Sura also has been a brilliant student. Unlike most other Bangladeshi athletes, Sura had a passion for knowledge and education as well. He got admitted to the BKSP (in Boxing) in 2007 when he was just 13. After ending the BKSP phase, he got to admit himself to Dhaka University. The “DU” which has a famous nickname of  “Oxford of the East”, is the most renowned educational institution in Bangladesh. His subject for the higher-education has been “Islamic Studies“. Yes, it’s a rare case for a Chakma guy to study in this department but Sura has done it greatly as well. The Gymnasium and the grounds of the DU also helped him to keep himself in a good shape.

Institution Department
BKSP Boxing + Secondary Studies
Dhaka University Higher Studies on Islamic Studies

Sura Krishna Chakma Career:

In this phase of the Sura Krishna Chakma Biography, we’ll take a look at his career. As Boxing hasn’t been a very famous sport in BD, the road wasn’t easy for Sura. Yes, boxing has a historical background in BD but all the successes in this game came at the amateur level. Previously, nobody could establish himself as a top-level boxer. But Sura had a massive dream right from the beginning. And all his successes were based on his own willingness, hard work, as well as patience.

His inaugural appearance at the international level was back in 2014 at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Then he also got his chance to do training in London for being nominated as the country’s premium boxer. So far, Sura has taken part in three professional matches till now. And amazingly, he has won all three of those which also includes his first-ever professional match on home soil.

When the world got shattered due to the outbreak of Corona Virus, the athletic sector got affected immensely. But this guy, our beloved Sura Krishna utilized his lazy times. The boxing ring had nobody to enlace during that period. Sura couldn’t wait for more in Jurasuri and came straight back to Dhaka for his personal practice. He used to do the running and stretching early in the morning at the Bangabandhu National Stadium. In the later part of the day, it was all boxing practicing. The man who believes in hard work used to fist the punching pads uncountable times a day, as if it was an invisible opponent.

Krishna Chakma Achievements:

As we’ve already mentioned, Sura has 3 bouts beside his name so far. He has quite a long list of achievements to display. In 2013, he won the Gold medal in Boxing at the Bangladesh Games. The next year (2014), he became the National Champion. In 2015, he was named the best boxer in the country. As a result, he got a chance to do training in London for 6 months. Then he earned 2 victories in a tournament in Haryana, India, back in 2018. In 2019, he won the Bronze Medal in the Amateur Boxing category in the South Asian Games 2019 in Nepal.

And finally, he managed to win a Gold Medal in an international event in 2022 by defeating Nepal’s Mahendra Bahadur Chand in Shaheed Suhrawardi Indoor Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. The event featured 14 boxers from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh and was arranged by Bangladesh Boxing Foundation.

Year Achievements
2013 Gold medal in Boxing (Bangladesh Games)
2014 National Champion in Boxing
2015 Selected Best Boxer in the Country (Training Opportunity in London)
2018 2 Victories in Haryana
2019 Bronze Medal in the Amateur Boxing (South Asian Games)
2022 Gold Medal (South Asian Pro Boxing Fight Night – The Ultimate Glory)

Sura Krishna Chakma Height:

The Chakmas are generally not tall and are of short figures. Sura Krishna Chakma is no exception. The international gold medalist boxer is approximately 5 feet 6-inch (167.64 cm) tall. He’s just like average Bangladeshi guys in terms of height. In fact, in a sporting trial in Rangamati, he was set to give a footballing trial. But as he was not tall enough to be a footballer, he got rejected and moved towards boxing. He was selected for boxing and eventually turns into the country’s premium boxer.

Krishna Chakma Net worth and Salary

You’ll be wondered to know that the man who our country proud, earns just a few bucks each month. His monthly income is only 20 thousand BDT (213 US Dollars). He earns this money by participating in different boxing events. So, that means, his annual income from boxing is around 2 lac 40 thousand BDT (2560 US Dollars). The sum is definitely insufficient for a person to lead a satisfying life. And it’s at least one-fifth of what our star cricketers earn. However, there is a ray of hope for the man himself, if he wins 8 matches in a row, his ranking will be up and he will start earning 1-2 lac BDT per game!

Income Status Earnings in BD Currency Earnings in US Currency
Current Monthly Income 20,000 Taka $213 US Dollars
Current Annual Income 240,000 Thousand Taka $2560 US Dollars
Future Per Match Income (If He Wins Consecutive Matches and Ranking Gets Higher) 100,000-200,000 Taka $1075-2150 US Dollars

Sura also admitted that boxing isn’t a popular sport in the country. Hence, finding sponsors or making a full-time living by only boxing isn’t possible at the moment. But TSportsBD would urge our government to take full care of such a gem. We don’t want to lose such a prospect who can really lead us towards a galore of international medals. Who knows, we might get our very first Olympic medal through this guy! FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups Analysis.

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