Soccer Is Better Than Football | Why Soccer Is a Better Sport Than Football

Soccer Is Better Than Football

Soccer Is Better Than Football | Why Soccer Is a Better Sport Than Football. Is football or soccer harder this is a hotly debated topic and I believe that football is a much more endurance based sport with most players running up to 8 miles per game while football players only run for short bursts of 15 seconds with constant breaks throughout the game.

When it comes to football and soccer one is definitely more physical than the other. While in soccer the point is to viciously collide with each other to try to stop the opponent’s play or make a play but all soccer players are equipped with gear. Although soccer players have no gear, shin pads and some goalkeepers wear protective head bands are uncommon.

Soccer is a very strategic game and you have to mentally think about every move. Or play that is presented because just kicking the ball is not an effective method and most of the time will not result in victory. Although football presents many plays. You must remember that some players have arm bands with plays, while football players do not have this benefit.

Why soccer is better than football ?

Some may wonder why soccer is better than soccer; Others know exactly why for just a few reasons. They can be as simple as that; Football is found all over the world, there is constant movement throughout the game and there are only few injuries. Football is readily available around the world. If you go anywhere and walk around any city. You will see a group of people enjoying a great game of football.

From a makeshift ball on a dirt road to a leather ball on a grass field. You can find it anywhere and it is running in any language. During football, there is no such thing as timeouts or commercials. The game has a constant flow that allows players to create their own plays and show their creativity. They don’t need to stop every 10 seconds and call a play so everyone knows what’s going on.

Injuries are more common in football. Players tend to get injured easily and often when using multiple body parts consistently. That’s without including the pads that make football players think they’re invincible. These easy-to-notice points can help make it clear that soccer is better than soccer.

Soccer is way more popular than football

Football is by far more popular than soccer. According to the 2006 FIFA Big Count, there were approximately 265 million footballers worldwide, and 270 million if you include referees and match officials. It shows how much people are involved in football.

Either as a player or taught to be a referee, soccer is loved and enjoyed by many individuals. Since soccer is only played in America, the number of soccer players cannot exceed the number of soccer players there. People outside the country also do not like football. It is a game mainly influenced by Americans.

Soccer equipment is less expensive than football equipment

Have you seen the amount of gear football players wear in every single game? It’s like they’re going to war every time and need a ton of gear to prepare. And that gear isn’t cheap either. They buy gear to protect themselves from getting hurt by the opposing team. Unlike football, playing football does not require such heavy-duty equipment.

The only football equipment they need is cleats, some shinguards, a jersey and shorts. That’s basically it, and they’re a lot cheaper than the crazy gear football players always wear, which is another reason why soccer is better than soccer. Football players are constantly in heavy gear during a game while soccer players can free run in light and minimal gear for their entire game.

You don’t need physical strength to play soccer

Ever wanted to play football in high school, but the coach literally yelled in your face that you were too “skinny” or “not strong enough” to qualify? Because to play football, you basically need physical strength to tackle the opposing team’s players. What a great game that brings all the diverse players together, right? For soccer, you don’t really need physical strength, because you’re not pushing anyone down. Of course, having physical strength is a plus in soccer, but what you need is knowledge of the game and speed.

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