Melanie Rauscher Death Cause (What Happened), Wiki, Family, Autopsy Report

One of the most popular TV show “Naked and Afraid” former contestant Melanie Rauscher Death Cause has shocked everyone. The news was completely out of blue and it shocked her fans of her and everyone in the entertainment.

But what’s even more horrific is that she didn’t die a normal death. If you don’t know what happened to her, we have covered everything in our article below. Make sure to read the whole thing to find out everything about her death cause right now.

Melanie Rauscher Death Cause

“Naked and Afraid” is a very popular survival show that airs on Television. The contestant of the show Melanie Rauscher was famous for being on the show in the past. But she was found dead at her house, which was the most unexpected news ever.

Her death cause was not identified till the report came out, which was another terrifying news. So, it was not possible to say anything about the exact reason until there was an official statement made.

How Did She Die

On 17 July, Melanie Rauscher was found dead in her own house. As we mentioned earlier, there was no official announcement made yet about the cause of her death.

However, she was dog-sitting on the day according to TMZ, which was the last lead to her case. But once the autopsy report came out, her death cause was finally revealed. According to the report, she died of huffing air canisters while dog-sitting in Arizona at her own house, which is just a heartbreaking accident.

What Happened

Till now, what happened to Melanie Rauscher is a mystery. She was only 35 years old when she met her untimely demise.

Her body was reportedly found near a few compressed air cans that were intended to clean computer equipment and that was not enough data to know what happened that day. After waiting for a long time for further official announcements, it was revealed that she died choking on the air canisters.

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Autopsy Report of Melanie Rauscher Death Cause

The autopsy report of Melanie Rauscher’s death cause was just revealed. You probably know that the autopsy report takes a few months to develop. And it reveals the exact reason for someone’s death and there’s no false information there.

Melanie Rauscher died on 17th July, and the autopsy report revealed that she died of inhaling the air canister and choking on the toxic gas. It was a horrible accident that took her life at such a young age.

Melanie Rauscher Family

Melanie Rauscher was not married and didn’t have any kids. She was the proud daughter of Daniel Rauscher and Catherine Rauscher.

She had three beautiful sisters named Alexis, Jeanette, and Rebecca. Melanie Rauscher also had a nephew Liam Parker and a niece Aria Parker, which shows that she had a beautiful family.

Melanie Rauscher Wiki

Born on December 18, 1986, Melanie Rauscher grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She gained massive popularity and success due to being a participant in the very popular survival TV show called “Naked and Afraid”.

She was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed around 55 kg.  Melanie Rauscher also had beautiful black hair and deep black eyes.

Final Words

The death of Melanie Rauscher shocked the entire media. She was a lovely person in real life and didn’t deserve an untimely demise.


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