How To Delete A Coinbase Account (Step by Step Guide)

How To Delete A Coinbase Account (Step by Step Guide). Coinbase is an online cryptocurrency trading platform where users can buy, sell or store cryptocurrencies. Operated by Coinbase Global Inc., the platform was founded by Brian Armstrong Fred Ehrsam to create a financial system open to the entire world. Online platforms like Coinbase that deal with financial matters collect personal information for security reasons and to comply with the law. If you sign up for a Coinbase account and you never use it. You should delete it to protect your personal information.

How To Delete Coinbase Account ?

If you are sure that you want to delete your Coinbase account, you can follow the steps below Please note that this action is irreversible and will permanently delete all data associated with your account, including your transaction history, wallet balance, and any linked bank accounts or credit cards. Coinbase technically allows its users to permanently close their accounts on the exchange. However, before doing so, users should keep a few things in mind.

First, the Coinbase account that a user wants to close must have a zero balance. Only then will it be closed. advertisement If there are any funds in the account. Coinbase advises its users to transfer them to another wallet or to an accompanying Coinbase user before proceeding with account closure. It’s worth noting that deleting your Coinbase account will also close your Coinbase account.

Is it Possible to Close a Coinbase Account ?

A Coinbase account can be deleted if you no longer need it. Many people have started deleting their accounts to find better options to buy bitcoins. There are people who don’t like what Coinbase has to offer. Others simply want to give up storing bitcoins entirely, which is why they decide to delete their accounts.

Before one deletes their account, they should know one important thing, the difference between a Coinbase and Coinbase Pro account respectively. Of course, this aspect is of interest when you have both accounts. Although and Coinbase Pro are separate accounts, the Pro one shares much of your profile information and settings.

How To Delete A Coinbase Account (Step by Step Guide)

Your account must have a zero balance before it can be closed. If you have a balance that is too low to cover any fees associated with selling crypto (known as dust or dust balance), you have a few options:

  • Send email balance to a different Coinbase user.
  • Donate the balance to, a non-profit that distributes cryptocurrency by connecting people living in poverty to an open financial system.
  • To do this, enter your password and select Close Account, then select Donation Balance.
  • Confiscate the funds and allow Coinbase to zero out any remaining balance.
  • To do this, submit an email request from the Contact Us page.
  • Select Coinbase from the Products menu.
  • Under Get started, select Manage my account. What is your problem about? Under that, select Close My Account.
  • What seems to be the problem? Under that, select I want to close my account.
  • Complete the remaining fields and explicitly request the forfeiture of funds in the message field, then submit your request.

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