Gilbert Gottfried Cause of Death [Autopsy Report]

Gilbert Gottfried cause of death was a shock to the whole world and nobody can cope with the fact that he’s no longer among us. With his death, we have lost a brilliant comedian and actor whose space will never be replaced by anyone else.

But Gilbert Gottfried didn’t die a natural death and that’s the most heartbreaking thing about the whole thing. If you don’t know about the cause of his death, we have everything you need to know sorted out in one place. Let’s discuss everything in great detail below.

Gilbert Gottfried Cause of Death

Gilbert Gottfried was 67 years old when he died due to a long-term illness. That illness is a very rare genetic muscle disorder, and it killed him after he suffered for years.

In his career in comedy, he achieved what only a small number of comedians could achieve in their lifetime, and he made thousands of thousands of fans with his unique sense of humor. His death was a shock to the people around every corner of this planet, and they are mourning for losing such a brilliant mind in comedy that early.

How Did He Die

The iconic American comedian Gilbert Gottfried died of recurrent ventricular tachycardia due to myotonic dystrophy type II, which is a very rare genetic muscle disease that’s fatal. He was suffering from that illness for a very long time, and it took his life after years of struggle.

This particular illness is basically a heart rhythm problem and it’s preferred as V-tach or VT in many places. A friend of Gilbert Gottfried confirmed that he was struggling with that disease for years now, and that caused his untimely death.

What Happened

On April 12, 2022, the brilliant American comedian Gilbert Gottfried faced his untimely demise. He was suffering from a deadly disease for a very long time, and that ultimately took his life. He died in Manhattan and the news about his death was confirmed by his family members.

At that time, he was 67 years old, and his death due to illness is just one of the saddest events of this decade.

Autopsy Report of Gilbert Gottfried Cause of Death

An autopsy report of one’s death takes a few montes to develop, and it’s undoubtedly a lengthy process. As the death of Gilbert Gottfried  was only a recent event, the autopsy report hasn’t been published yet.

For that, you have to wait at least 2-3 montes, and then it might come out. But for now, the best information out there about the death of Gilbert Gottfried is that he died of recurrent ventricular tachycardia.

Gilbert Gottfried Family

Married to the very beautiful DaraKravitz, Gilbert Gottfried had a wonderful family life. This couple also had two kids during their married life. The name of their kids is Lily Aster Gottfried and Max Aaron Gottfried; both very lovely kids.

The death of Gilbert Gottfried was announced by his family, they are very devastated after losing this amazing personality.

Gilbert Gottfried Wiki

Born on February 28, 1955; in the New York City of the United States, Gilbert Gottfried was destined to be an entertainer. He pursued his career in comedy and acting, and he soon became a very successful American comedian with thousands and thousands of fans worldwide.

He was known for his shrill voice and a crude style of humor which made him stand out the most among all the other comedians. In his lifetime, he made a lot of controversial jokes and most of the audience found them to be quite hilarious. After his death, the whole world is missing this magical entertainer.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that Gilbert Gottfried was an incredible man, and he has baffled us with his brilliant work over and over again. That’s why he will be forever remembered and missed by us all.


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