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Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Age, Height, Wiki bio

Many of you are eager to know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a juvenile politician and social personality of Raozan Chattagram. He was born on 26th August 1992. He has his own name and fame all over the Chattagram city as well as many places in our country.Faraj Karim Chowdhury is the eldest son of ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, Member of Parliament for Chittagong-6 constituency. This dreamy young man is running endlessly against the various irregularities around him. One after another exceptional activities have gained tremendous popularity across the country by highlighting them on social media.

The history and heritage of Khan Bahadur Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury dynasty of Raozan in Chittagong is a unique chapter of the whole city. During the British rule, Abdul Jabbar used to walk around the city with the title of Khan Bahadur, one of the declared heroes of that time. Faraz Karim Chowdhury is one of the examples of the existence of this traditional family domination and the refuge of love of innumerable people even after the death of MP Fazle Karim Chowdhury’s grandfather, Faraz’s great-grandfather Khan Bahadur Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury.


Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Education

Being born in Dhaka, Faraj’s education also started from there. However, he moved to his home in Raozan upazila of Chittagong soon after the start. As the son of a famous family, he always got special privileges. Due to which he kept his father’s identity secret. In between his studies, he would occasionally go to various social events with his father. He used to see various common customs with the people’s representatives of the country. Seeing all this would have been a little annoying.

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The young man came to the country after completing his undergraduate degree from King’s College London in 2013 and pursuing higher education (Masters) from the University of Manchester in London in 2015. Since then, he got acquainted with various social and humanitarian activities. After completing his higher degree from abroad, Faraz did not set foot on that path even though he had job opportunities at higher levels in the multinational industries of the country.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Biography

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is now an inspiration to our young generation. People are showing more interest in him after some of his videos became viral on social media. People all over the country want to know about him. Lets present the biography of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury. He is a public figure who come to light for his social activities.


Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Political Position

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a member of the Raozan Upazilla Awami League Committee. He started to get himself involved in politics from the very beginning of his maturity. Faraaz Karim loves his party very much and does a lot for his party. He not only loves his party but also loves the people of his area as well as the people of Bangladesh. He is a very dedicated person for building his political career. However, his father is a good favor for him to be successful in politics.

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Faraaz Karim Contribution for Society

Faraj Karim was humane from his childhood. One day he saw many of his new clothes lying in the wardrobe of his house and distributed them among the children. This is how his genuine love for poverty was born from childhood. The father was also impressed by his son’s humanitarian activities and used to provide financial support to Faraj Karim.

One day, the 14-year-old spoke with MP Fazle Karim at an event in Abu Dhabi outside the country.¬†Faraj Karim’s thinking was an exception. However, there was no opportunity to use them. Finally, after completing his higher education (Masters) from the United Kingdom in 2015, he came to the country and peeked into the sky of this young man’s dream. Then came down to implementation.

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Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Net Worth

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million. A voluntary organization called ‘Central Boys of Raozan’ took part in his activities. His activities began with a program called the ‘Clean Raozan Campaign’ to clean up the larger city.

After that, he took the initiative to provide employment to the many helpless people, to help the disabled and to take various steps to prevent the ongoing crimes in the society. Regarding these activities, Faraj Karim said, “In the last four years, I have tried to take many initiatives. Even though the people of the country are praying for me, I want to act like myself by the grace of God. My father also shared with me all the good deeds for which all this was possible.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife

Faraj Karim’s dream is that he will always work in the service of the people. He dreams a lot about his area Raozan, and wants to see many changes there. He hopes that the youth will have to lead this journey and that the touch of change will spread all over Bangladesh starting from Raozan.

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