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Faatiha Aayat is a brilliant Muslim girl, who is a “New York Gifted and Talented Program” fourth-grade student. She is one of a kind and is an inspiration to not only the children but also the people of the world. Her list of achievements is never-ending, yet she is a humble person. We will delve into the details of this Bangladeshi-American citizen Faatiha Aayat with you all today. So let’s begin with the Faatiha Aayat Biography.

Faatiha Aayat Age

Faatiha was only 7 years old when she became well known. As of 2022, she has turned 8 years old, but surprisingly enough, at this young age, she has got a long career. Currently, she is living in the USA.She has won many awards, and she was named as a magic girl by many online magazines and newspapers. Her accomplishment is unmatched by many of those who are older than her.

Needless to say, at an age when most children would not be able to comprehend many tough issues, this little girl named Faatiha has been very much aware. She has participated in an active role in discussing difficult issues. In 2022, Ramadan presented an Islamic program called “Ramadan with Faatiha.”

Faatiha Aayat Age

Faatiha Aayat Education

Faatiha Ayat has not even crossed the boundary of primary school, but even at this age, she has accomplished more and more than any ordinary school kid may. She has secured 3 out of 5 choices in the USA’s child-math contest. Even though she is young, she has already started to teach other kids. She is a fourth-grader in the “New York Gifted and Talented Program”.

Faatiha Aayat Education

Interesting Facts About Faatiha Aayat

Faatiha Ayat has spoken at various high profile events. She has given speeches at UN conferences, at Harvard University, and Columbia University on difficult but important global issues such as climate change and child rights. She has also spoken about the Rohingya issues and how it has an effect globally. She has mentioned she admires the Bangladeshi Islamic scholar Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

She has been interviewed by the Voice of America as well as by the Russian TV. These are not the only accomplishments on this brilliant girl’s list. Along with these, New York City Mayor & Buzz Edwin Eugene Aldrin who landed on the moon wrote her a letter.

Faatiha Aayat pic

Awards Won by Faatiha Aayat

In addition to all those, her list of awards includes the NRB Special Talent Award. She has also received awards at the National Pentathlon Mathematics, Math League, Perennial Math Tournament. She is currently learning to code and memorizing the Holy Quran.

Recently she has started teaching others through online videos. She presents videos on various topics, such as Math, Science, Coding, Story Telling, Trave Blog, News Update, Quran Tafsir, etc. on her Facebook page as well as YouTube channel. Adding to that, Amazon Publishers has already published two books written by the most talented Faatiha Ayat.

On top of that, Faatiha Ayat has won the Amazing Artist Award in the National Advent Advent Art Competition. Her paintings are now being displayed in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.

Faatiha Aayat’s Organization

These are not all. Faatiha Ayat is a thoughtful child who is not self-absorbed by her own wants and achievements, she cares about the whole world and all of the people. But the sufferings of children truly touched her to the core which is why she has decided to work for them to make the world a far better place.

She lately formed a new initiative called “CHIL&D,”. She mentioned she wants to support Arpan and poor people through this association. Through this organization called CHIL&D, she works on Climate, Health, Information, Learning & Development for disadvantaged children.  Even though she is young, she is constantly thinking and working towards making the world a better place.

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Faatiha Ayat is truly one and only, there is no one like her. She is said to be like an angel. At a very young age, she has accomplished so much that is truly inspirational. She wants to do something even bigger when she grows up. We hope you enjoyed reading the Faatiha Aayat Biography.


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