Danish Superliga All Match Fixtures & Schedule 2022

Danish Superliga All Match Fixtures & Schedule 2022. Founded in 1991, the Danish Super League is the top division of Danish football. It has 14 teams. The season runs from July to March and the teams will play each other indoors. And outdoors to complete a total of 226 games before the two split the championship round and the relegation round.

After that, the teams in the respective groups will play each other at home again. From the Danish Super League to second tier. One to three teams can be reorganized or promoted through playoffs in the Danish First Division. Copenhagen has won the most titles (13). Thirty-one individual clubs have competed since its inception.

History Of Danish Superliga

Denmark 1st Division as the highest league in football in Denmark. Since its inception in 1991, 10 teams have participated. The inaugural Super League season was played in the spring of 1991. With ten teams playing each other twice for the championship title.

From the summer of 1991, the structure of the tournament will extend over two calendar years. Ten teams will play each other in the first half of the tournament. Next spring, the bottom two teams will be cut, the team points will be cut in half. And the remaining eight teams will play each other twice at once, for a total of 32 games.

Danish Superliga Venue, Stadium & Capacity

Club Stadium Capacity
AaB AalborgPortlandPark 13,797
AGF CeresPark 20,032
Brøndby Brøndby Stadium 29,000
Copenhagen Telia Parken 38,065
Horsens CASA Arena Horsens 10,400
Lyngby Lyngby Stadium 8,000
Midtjylland MCH Arena 11,800
Nordsjælland Right to DreamPark 9,900
OB NatureEnergyPark 15,633
Randers CepheusParkRanders 12,000
SønderjyskE SydbankPark 10,000
Vejle Vejle Stadium 10,418

Danish Superliga Team Name List

Twelve teams competed in the league the top ten teams from the previous season, the winner of the Relegation Playoffs and the champion of the 2022–20 Danish 1st Division. Lyngby BK retained its position in the Superliga by winning the Relegation Playoffs and Vejle BK joined the top flight after winning the 1st Division title.

  1. Aalborg
  2. AGF Aarhus
  3. Brondby
  4. FC Copenhagen
  5. FC Midtjylland
  6. Nordsjaelland
  7. OB Odense
  8. Randers Freja
  9. Silkeborg
  10. SonderjyskE
  11. Vejle
  12. Viborg

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Danish Superliga All Match Fixtures & Schedule

Mon 26/07/2021
17:00 SonderjyskE v Vejle
Sat 31/07/2021
14:00 Viborg v FC Midtjylland
Sun 01/08/2021
12:00 AGF Aarhus v Randers Freja
12:00 Silkeborg v Aalborg
14:00 Vejle v Brondby
16:00 OB Odense v FC Copenhagen
Mon 02/08/2021
17:00 SonderjyskE v Nordsjaelland
Fri 06/08/2021
16:30 Silkeborg v Viborg
Sun 08/08/2021
12:00 Randers Freja v SonderjyskE
14:00 FC Copenhagen v Brondby
16:00 Aalborg v AGF Aarhus
18:30 FC Midtjylland v Vejle
Mon 09/08/2021
17:00 Nordsjaelland v OB Odense
Fri 13/08/2021
17:00 Viborg v Randers Freja
19:00 Brondby v Nordsjaelland
Sun 15/08/2021
14:00 OB Odense v Silkeborg
15:30 SonderjyskE v FC Midtjylland
16:00 AGF Aarhus v FC Copenhagen
Mon 16/08/2021
17:00 Vejle v Aalborg
Sat 21/08/2021
16:00 OB Odense v Brondby
Sun 22/08/2021
12:00 Randers Freja v Aalborg
14:00 FC Copenhagen v SonderjyskE
16:00 Viborg v AGF Aarhus
17:00 FC Midtjylland v Silkeborg
Mon 23/08/2021
17:00 Nordsjaelland v Vejle
Fri 27/08/2021
17:00 Aalborg v Nordsjaelland
Sun 29/08/2021
12:00 Silkeborg v Randers Freja
12:00 SonderjyskE v Viborg
14:00 Vejle v FC Copenhagen
16:00 AGF Aarhus v OB Odense
Sun 29/08/2021
18:00 Brondby v FC Midtjylland
Sun 12/09/2021
13:00 AGF Aarhus v Vejle
13:00 Brondby v Silkeborg
13:00 FC Midtjylland v Nordsjaelland
13:00 OB Odense v SonderjyskE
13:00 Randers Freja v FC Copenhagen
13:00 Viborg v Aalborg
Sun 19/09/2021
13:00 Aalborg v OB Odense
13:00 FC Copenhagen v FC Midtjylland
13:00 Randers Freja v Nordsjaelland
13:00 Silkeborg v AGF Aarhus
13:00 SonderjyskE v Brondby
13:00 Vejle v Viborg
Sun 26/09/2021
13:00 AGF Aarhus v SonderjyskE
13:00 Brondby v Aalborg
Sun 26/09/2021
13:00 FC Midtjylland v Randers Freja
13:00 Nordsjaelland v FC Copenhagen
13:00 Vejle v Silkeborg
13:00 Viborg v OB Odense
Sun 03/10/2021
13:00 Aalborg v SonderjyskE
13:00 FC Copenhagen v Viborg
13:00 FC Midtjylland v AGF Aarhus
13:00 OB Odense v Vejle
13:00 Randers Freja v Brondby
13:00 Silkeborg v Nordsjaelland
Sun 17/10/2021
13:00 AGF Aarhus v Aalborg
13:00 Brondby v Vejle
13:00 Nordsjaelland v FC Midtjylland
13:00 OB Odense v Randers Freja
13:00 SonderjyskE v FC Copenhagen
Sun 17/10/2021
13:00 Viborg v Silkeborg
Sun 24/10/2021
13:00 Aalborg v Viborg
13:00 Brondby v FC Copenhagen
13:00 FC Midtjylland v SonderjyskE
13:00 Randers Freja v AGF Aarhus
13:00 Silkeborg v OB Odense
13:00 Vejle v Nordsjaelland
Sun 31/10/2021
14:00 FC Copenhagen v Vejle
14:00 Nordsjaelland v Aalborg
14:00 OB Odense v AGF Aarhus
14:00 Randers Freja v FC Midtjylland
14:00 SonderjyskE v Silkeborg
14:00 Viborg v Brondby
Sun 07/11/2021
14:00 Aalborg v Randers Freja
14:00 AGF Aarhus v FC Midtjylland
Sun 07/11/2021
14:00 Brondby v OB Odense
14:00 Silkeborg v FC Copenhagen
14:00 Vejle v SonderjyskE
14:00 Viborg v Nordsjaelland
Sun 21/11/2021
14:00 FC Copenhagen v AGF Aarhus
14:00 FC Midtjylland v Brondby
14:00 Nordsjaelland v Silkeborg
14:00 OB Odense v Viborg
14:00 Randers Freja v Vejle
14:00 SonderjyskE v Aalborg
Sun 28/11/2021
14:00 Aalborg v FC Copenhagen
14:00 AGF Aarhus v Silkeborg
14:00 Brondby v Randers Freja
14:00 OB Odense v Nordsjaelland
14:00 Vejle v FC Midtjylland
Sun 28/11/2021
14:00 Viborg v SonderjyskE
Sun 20/02/2021
14:00 FC Copenhagen v OB Odense
14:00 FC Midtjylland v Aalborg
14:00 Nordsjaelland v Brondby
14:00 Randers Freja v Viborg
14:00 Silkeborg v Vejle
14:00 SonderjyskE v AGF Aarhus
Sun 27/02/2022
14:00 Aalborg v Silkeborg
14:00 Brondby v SonderjyskE
14:00 Nordsjaelland v Randers Freja
14:00 OB Odense v FC Midtjylland
14:00 Vejle v AGF Aarhus
14:00 Viborg v FC Copenhagen
Sun 06/03/2022
14:00 Aalborg v Vejle
14:00 AGF Aarhus v Nordsjaelland
Sun 06/03/2022
14:00 FC Copenhagen v Randers Freja
14:00 FC Midtjylland v Viborg
14:00 Silkeborg v Brondby
14:00 SonderjyskE v OB Odense
Sun 13/03/2022
14:00 Brondby v AGF Aarhus
14:00 FC Midtjylland v FC Copenhagen
14:00 Nordsjaelland v SonderjyskE
14:00 OB Odense v Aalborg
14:00 Randers Freja v Silkeborg
14:00 Viborg v Vejle
Sun 20/03/2022
14:00 Aalborg v Brondby
14:00 AGF Aarhus v Viborg
14:00 FC Copenhagen v Nordsjaelland
14:00 Silkeborg v FC Midtjylland
14:00 SonderjyskE v Randers Freja
Sun 20/03/2022
14:00 Vejle v OB Odense


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A Short Information About Danish Superliga


Season 2020–21
Dates 11 September 2022 – 28 May 2022
Champions Brøndby
Relegated Lyngby
Champions League Brøndby
Europa League Randers
Europa Conference League Copenhagen
Matches played 193
Goals scored 559 (2.9 per match)
Top goalscorer Mikael Uhre (19)
Biggest home win Midtjylland 4–0 Copenhagen
(8 November 2022)
Biggest away win Lyngby 0–4 Brøndby
(14 February 2022)
Highest scoring Copenhagen 4–2 Lyngby
(1 November 2022)
Copenhagen 4–2 Midtjylland
(19 May 2022)
Longest winning run 6 matches
Longest unbeaten run 10 matches
Longest winless run 13 matches
Longest losing run 4 matches

History Of Champion on Danish Superliga

Season Champions
1991 Brøndby IF
1991–92 Lyngby BK
1992–93 F.C. Copenhagen
1993–94 Silkeborg IF
1994–95 AaB
1995–96 Brøndby IF
1996–97 Brøndby IF
1997–98 Brøndby IF
1998–99 AaB
1999–2000 Herfølge BK
2000–01 F.C. Copenhagen
2001–02 Brøndby IF
2002–03 F.C. Copenhagen
2003–04 F.C. Copenhagen
2004–05 Brøndby IF
2005–06 F.C. Copenhagen
2006–07 F.C. Copenhagen
2007–08 AaB
2008–09 F.C. Copenhagen
2009–10 F.C. Copenhagen
2010–11 F.C. Copenhagen
2011–12 FC Nordsjælland
2012–13 F.C. Copenhagen
2013–14 AaB
2014–15 FC Midtjylland
2015–16 F.C. Copenhagen
2016–17 F.C. Copenhagen
2017–18 FC Midtjylland
2018–19 F.C. Copenhagen
2019–20 FC Midtjylland
2020–21 Brøndby IF

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