Bangabandhu T20 2022 CUP Tournament Date & Team

Bangabandhu T20 2022, a tournament arranged by Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is going to take place in a few days where teams will fight for the champion’s trophy. After the success of the BCB President’s cup, Bangladesh Cricket Board is planning to arrange the Bangabandhu T20 2022 and it will be a bigger event than the previous one.

Bangladesh Cricket Board has almost finalized their preparation for organizing such a tournament but most of you might not know much about Bangabandhu T20 2022. This led us to write about the detail of Bangabandhu T20 2022 where you will find all the necessary information.

No more delay. We will start with the introduction and the rest will come eventually.

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Bangabandhu T20 2022

Among the local tournaments Bangladesh Cricket Board arranges, Bangabandhu T20 2022 is one of the most prestigious. It also has the same kind of excitement among cricket fans as international T20 tournaments.

Players within and outside the national team join different franchisees to showcase their excellence and bring the champion’s trophy to the team gallery. This creates a great chance for us to see an awesome rivalry between teams and individuals.

Bangabandhu T20 Start Date

Previously Bangabandhu T20 2022 was planned to start in mid-November but the decision isn’t final yet and there is no official statement from the Bangladesh Cricket Board about the inauguration of the tournament.

As of now, it is assumed that Bangabandhu T20 2022 is going to start on 21/22 November 2022 but this information isn’t confirmed yet. Once the official declaration comes, we will update you on this.

Bangabandhu T20 CUP Total Team

Bangabandhu T20 2022 was being organized with the participation of 3 teams in total earlier. But this year the tournament will be organized in a broader dimension where 5 teams will fight for the victory. These teams will participate in a player draft before the tournament starts. We will get into that in a moment. For now, let us inform you about the teams. 5 teams playing Bangabandhu T20 2022 are –

  • Beximco Dhaka
  • Fortune Rajshahi
  • Gazi Group Chattogram
  • Gemcon Khulna
  • Minister Group Rajshahi

Player Draft

To participate in Bangabandhu T20 2022, teams have to undergo a player drafting process. Bangladesh Cricket Board has already prepared a list of 160 cricketers for the draft, from which the teams will choose their fighters.The Player draft will take place on 12 November 2022.

Players have been divided into four categories for the draft as follows: A, B, C, and D. Most prominent players from the national team will be placed into the A category and considered as icon players. Other players will be placed into different categories depending on their performance and other aspects.

Each player from the A category will get 15 lac BDT and the amount will decrease as the category gets lower.In the D category, every player will get a minimum of 5 lac BDT for the tournament.

Players grades and price category:

  • Grade A – BDT 15,00,000
  • Grade B – BDT 10,00,000
  • Grade C – BDT 6,00,000
  • Grade D – BDT 4,00,000

Bangabandhu T20 Broadcasting

There is no concrete information about the broadcast partners of Bangabandhu T20 2022 but it is probable that the tournament will be telecast live. It will become evident only after the Bangladesh Cricket Board announces official sponsorship.

We believe, Bangladesh Cricket Board will be successful again in organizing a big tournament like Bangabandhu T20 2022 and let us enjoy some intense cricket.


Yasin Rahman is a commentator, eSports expert and pundit on The FPL Zone podcast. A former professional Call of Duty player, Yasin is a passionate Wigan Athletic and Essex supporter with a love for all things football and cricket.
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