Who is Tatiana Manaois? Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Relationship

Tatiana Manaois is a famous pop musician of our decade who got famous for her brilliant covers of famous pop songs. But her success was not overnight, and it was definitely a result of her hard work.

If you don’t know much about this talented singer then don’t worry about it. We have got you covered as we’ll discuss Tatiana Manaois’ personal life details, family, education, etc. below. So, let’s check it out right now without any further ado.

Who is Tatiana Manaois ?

Social media is the easiest way to reach out to the world and many artists have used these platforms to become famous very fast. Tatiana Manaois’ name pops up there as she used Youtube and Instagram to promote her music to the fans and got successful pretty soon.

Born on October 22, 1996, she grew up on the beautiful state of California, United States. She got the love of her mother Jeanette Isazaki and her fatherAnthony WaipaManaois from her childhood.Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Tatiana Manaois that you’ll enjoy below.

Full Name Tatiana KamaileMunaManaois
Date of Birth 22 October 1996
Nationality American
Father Anthony WaipaManaois
Mother Jeanette Isazaki
Spouse N/A
Religion Christian
Profession Singer

Tatiana Manaois Education 

Unfortunately, Tatiana Manaois hasn’t shared anything about her educational background with the media. So, there’s no information available about her education on the internet.

However, she’s doing quite well with her music career. And she has decided to not share her educational background with the public, which everyone should respect as it’s her own decision.

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Tatiana Manaois Wiki

She has released 2 albums till now, which are pretty amazing, and got so much positive feedback from the listeners. These are Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain and Lovely, and both of these have done pretty well on the ratings.

With the success of her 2 albums, it’s apparent that Tatiana Manaois is not going to stop there. She’s continuously working on her craft and making new music for the fans. Her fandom is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and she’s definitely a great musician of this generation.

Tatiana Manaois Height 

With a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Tatiana Manaois is very gorgeous. She doesn’t only have a beautiful voice, but she is also quite beautiful. Her weight is somewhere around 62 kg, which tells you that she keeps her shape in check as well.

Singers do have to maintain a good physique to keep their vocal cords working optimally. And she’s doing the best job looking wonderful and producing fantastic music for her listeners.

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Tatiana Manaois Net Worth

As a pretty successful musician, it should not be a secret that Tatiana Manaois makes a good amount of money selling her music. In fact, she has made over 18 million USD with her music, which is quite stunning.

It’s safe to say that she’s a very successful musician of this century. And she’s continuously working on new projects to keep her audience entertained.

Tatiana Manaois Family 

Tatiana Manaois belongs to a very lovely family as she grew up with her father Anthony WaipaManaois and her mother Jeanette Isazaki. She has 2 siblings as well, which is pretty lovely. Her brother’s name is Trevor W M T Manaois and the name of her sister is Juliette H M Manaois.

Other than that, she likes to keep information about her family private and doesn’t share anything with the media. You can follow her on social media profiles to check out some of the posts where she posts pictures with her lovely family.

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Key Facts

  • Tatiana Manaois has amazing guitar skills that many professional musicians have admired. That skill is obviously showcased in all of her music.
  • Her vocals are pretty amazing, and she hits the notes in the Soprano vocal range perfectly.

Besides covering hundreds of popular songs, she has released her own music as well, which got a lot of positive feedback.


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