Sonali Sen (Bangladesh Police) Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, Pic, Phone Number & More

Sonali Sen (Bangladesh Police) Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Family, Pic, Phone Number & More. Sonali Sen, who came to join the post of Assistant Superintendent of Police of Bangladesh Police with a book of hope and uncertainty, crossed the threshold of the Ministry of Home Affairs. None of the fourteen men of which have ever stepped on the threshold of the police station.

She was born in a middle-class Hindu family, like a calm lake. Peaceful coexistence without danger was the main motto. From there, choosing a risky and hard-working profession like the police is quite an adventure. Mufswal had to battle with more than 1.5 million competitors by relying on a mere certificate from the National University of the city.

Sonali Sen (Bangladesh Police) Biography

Sonali Sen, a fearless police officer, is the pride of Bangladesh Police. This Assistant Police Commissioner of Khulna Metropolitan Police is working as a servant of the country with honesty, diligence and devotion. The path of this noble woman was never smooth. Obstacles have come many times, but with indomitable spirit he has conquered all the obstacles. Today’s event is about the colorful life of Sonali Sen. Both her parents were government officials, due to their jobs, my entire childhood was spent in Khulna. Mother was working in T&T, and father was Dumuria Upazila Education Officer. SSC in Science Department from Khulna Government High Girls School and HSC in Science Department from Khulna Government Women’s College.

28, 29, 30 three times BCS vivaboard darshan opportunity. Every time police is first choice. Out of this, She was working as Upazila Education Officer as the third government job. 28th BCS VivaBoard when utter disdain shattered confidence. At that time, many people used to say, Hey, is there a job without money! Either money or political power, none of which She had. There was only one dream. Father’s dream one day the whole of Bangladesh will recognize his daughter.

Sonali Sen Work At Bangladesh Police

Sonali Sen never thought of herself as a woman cop. As long as she don’t think of myself as a female police officer, she don’t think of it as a challenge. But yes, the job of police is challenging, having to deal with different problems every moment. Different challenges have to be faced. Other jobs can be predicted. However, predicting our job is a bit difficult. Quick decisions have to be made, effective action has to be taken. But at the end of the day, a kind of love work is done by being able to face new challenges.

She was working in Khulna Metropolitan Police for almost two years. She had the opportunity to work in two crime zones, Sonadanga and Daulatpur. The crime patterns of the two different areas are also different. However, she tried to respond quickly to any type of crime incident, and to take all legal steps. Basically, this law enforcement system worked like magic. The main goal of my coming to the police is to make educational institutions drug free. Using our community policing forum, our special activities have been undertaken in Khulna Medical, Khulna University and lastly Khulna Engineering University areas under Khanjahan Ali Police Station.

Sonali Sen, ADC of KMP, Recive President Police Medal

ADC Sonali Sen receiving the President’s Police Medal. Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Sonali Sen is receiving the “Rashtrapati Police Padak (PPM)” medal for her meritorious contribution to law and order in 2021. In 2020, 15 policemen have been awarded the Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) and 25 have been awarded the President’s Police Medal (PPM) in recognition of their immense bravery and heroic deeds. Sonali Sen is one of the 25.

Sonali Sen Family, Husband & Kids

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Sonali Sen (Bangladesh Police)Phone Number & Info


  • Rank: Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (South)
  • BP No: 8212148911
  • Mobile Number:01320 058361
  • Email: [email protected]

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(BD Police) Sonali Sen Height, Weight & Body Measurement

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