When Did WWF Changed Name to WWE?

When Did WWF Changed Name to WWE? On May 5, 2002, the world’s largest wrestling company was forced to change their name from WWF to WWE. From 1979 it was simplified to the company name from the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). However, by doing so, the company would be lining itself up for future legal battles with the World Wildlife Fund, whose acronym, WWF, was also trademarked. In 1994, the World Wildlife Fund insisted that the World Wrestling Federation sign a legal agreement restricting the federation from using the WWF acronym outside of North America.

In return, the World Wildlife Fund agreed not to pursue future lawsuits against WWF and allowed them to continue using the WWF name and logo in the company’s homeland and in certain other circumstances. The federation, already struggling financially in the mid-nineties, had no intention of entering into further litigation.

So in McMahon’s view, his company was forced to sign the deal. A deal that will hurt his company’s profits. This amounts to WWF ignoring the agreement they signed with the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF logo and name was carried across all events and merchandise worldwide. When the WWF became a hot commodity again during the wrestling boom period of 1998-2001. They drew attention from the World Wildlife Fund and found themselves in court once again.

When Did WWF Changed Name to WWE?

If you are a wrestling fan, you must have heard of WWF and WWE. WWF stands for World Wrestling Federation and WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Both are same and the difference between both is their initials where E is replaced by F. Before we know how the name changed we need to know about the background of WWF. Vince McMahon, who today is the owner and CEO of WWE, founded the WWF in 1982, renaming the former WWWF owned by his father.

The WWF was a purely entertainment company that focused on attracting audiences to watch professional wrestlers in action. Vince started organizing fights between wrestlers on a large scale and sold video tapes of these fights to various TV channels. Soon, he was earning a lot through advertising and promotional activities and luring wrestlers to fight for competing organizations. He signed Hulk Hogan, who appeared in Rocky III and gained national recognition.

What is the WWE?

WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, is “an integrated media company”, which seeks to offer global entertainment in the form of media, live events and consumer products. You probably know WWE best as a professional wrestling company, but they consider themselves much more, branching out into other areas like movies, real estate, and other business ventures.

Wrestling is still at the heart of the WWE, however, and the organization is a dominant force in wrestling promotions. It organizes more than 500 events a year, held all over the world. These events are purely entertainment-driven ventures, as opposed to actual competitive fights. Matches are often scripted or choreographed, many of which feature risky and crowd-pleasing moves.


While WWE’s role and mission have always remained the same – to provide world-stage wrestling entertainment to its audience. The name under which it operates has not always been so consistent. In 2001, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) officially changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In many ways, it was the beginning of a transition into a new era, with new top stars, new game attitudes and new levels of entertainment. However, this rebranding did not necessarily come voluntarily.

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