US Open 2022 Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

On Monday, play will get underway at the US Open, the season’s last Grand Slam event, which will be held Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. You will know about the US Open 2022 Purse here.

The best tennis players in the world are going to compete in this tournament so that they may try to win the championship, get points that will help them move up the rankings, and earn a significant amount of prize money.

US Open 2022 Purse:

The total prize pool for the 2022 US Open is above $60 million, beating the previous record set in 2021 when $57.5 million was awarded.

With a 4.59% rise from 2022, the total prize pool in 2022 is $60,102,000. This is the largest sum ever given.

In New York, the winner will take home a check for $2,600,000, an increase of 4% over what Daniil Medvedev and Emma Radacanu got for winning their first Grand Slam championships in 2017.

The prize for coming in second place has increased by 4% from 2021 to a total of $1,300,000.

Losers in the first round will now take home $80,000, a gain of 6.67 percent from 2021. This trend holds true for all of the main draw rounds.

The prize money for men’s and women’s doubles tournament winners has increased by 4.24 percentage points from 2021, to a total of $688,000.

US Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown:

2021 Prize Money $ USD
Winner $2,600,000
Runner-up $1,300,000
Semifinal $705,000
Quarterfinal $445,000
Round 4 $278,000
Round 3 $188,000
Round 2 $121,000
Round 1 $80,000
Q3 $44,000
Q2 $33,600
Q1 $21,100

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