Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine War News

Currently, we all are eagerly searching for Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine war news updates.Through a television announcement, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a military operation in Ukraine. Right after, he launched the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday that is a serious threat to the Ukrainian. Moreover, it is escalated into an international crisis. Here, you will get live updates aboutUkraine Russia Crisis.

 Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine War News

 As the last report, the Russian military invaded Ukraine by land, air, and sea. They are firing missiles on cities and military targets to the civilians and soldiers. But Vladimir Putin revealed that they don’t have any goal to occupy Ukraine. He aims to demilitarise and ‘denazify’ Ukraine as his declaration. The following table will provide some glimpse of this incident.

Attacker Russian forces
Defender Ukraine
War start date 24 February, 2022
First strike city Kyiv

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 Russia Strikes Ukraine 40 People Killed: Ukraine Claimed

After the announcement of President Vladimir Putin about launching a military operation against Ukraine, broad troops have started attacking Ukraine from three sides on Thursday. The situation was really miserable for Ukraine and a massive assault on the people of the country. According to the eastern European country, there have about 40 people have been killed after attacking. The Ukrainian Presidency is claiming that destroying the country is the only intention of Russia. Besides, 40 soldiers, a few civilians up to ten are have also died in this.

Anti-war Activists Protests in Moscow

Russian anti-war activist Marina Litvinovich was detained in Moscow on Thursday as she has stood up against Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. After Russia has launched a massive military operation against Ukraine, she calls for anti-war protests.

According to some reports, Marina was asking everybody in Russia to take to the streets in protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the local time (7:00 pm). Just after her protesting, she was detained in Moscow while leaving her house.  

Impossible to Lock Russia: Kremlin

The Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov asserted on Thursday that it was quite impossible to shut off Russia behind an iron curtain. When Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military offensive against Ukraine, the US-led West threatened to impose more biting sanctions against Moscow. The US Joe Biden has condemned profoundly regarding this behavior of the Russian. He included it as an “unprovoked” and “unjustified” attack on Ukraine. Then, he wanted that the US and its allies would respond in a “united and decisive” way.

Also, when he was asked to assess the risk of Russia being put behind an iron curtain due to its actions in Ukraine, Peskov added, “It is simply impossible to isolate such country as Russia with an iron curtain,”

Nato has No Plans to Send Troops

Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance’s Secretary-General, condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and told in a news conference that NATO has no troops inside Ukraine. He has also made it clear that they have no plans to send any into the country and increased the presence of NATO troops in the eastern part of the alliance on NATO territory. Inaddition to that, he also confessed that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will do whatever is necessary to shield the alliance Ukrain from aggression.


TheRussia-Ukraine war is ongoing, and the whole world is really shocked about this incident. We will come bringing much more live updates about this crisis. So, keep your eyes on our website.


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