Riley Whitelaw Autopsy Report (cause of death). How Did She Died?

Who is Joshua Johnson?

Riley Whitelaw autopsy report reveals one of the cruelest murder cases around and it’s genuinely heartbreaking. Nobody deserves to meet an untimely death, and murder is the worst thing that needs to be punished seriously.

The autopsy report says everything about the murder of the young Riley Whitelaw. Let’s discuss it in detail below so you have all the information.

Riley Whitelaw Autopsy Report

An autopsy report can tell how someone died with great precision. It takes up to a few months for the autopsy report to develop. But it’s the best shot at finding how someone died even if it was due to mysterious causes. You can see how that can come in handy during murder cases.

In the case of Riley Whitelaw, she was brutally murdered. But as she was found dead, there was no evidence of her killer, which didn’t reveal the murderer. Even the report said that there was blood everywhere where she was found dead.

So, that required the autopsy report to reveal more details about her death. And that report definitely pulled out some messed up news about her murder.

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Report Analysis 

As we mentioned, the autopsy report revealed a lot more detail about the death of Riley Whitelaw. It was a 19-page autopsy report that was released on Tuesday and that shocked the whole world with the sheer amount of brutality.

According to the report analysis, she was stabbed 42 times to her death. These stab marks were all over her neck, face, chest, belly, and almost everywhere on her body. But the neck injury marks were the most brutal ones. Also, experts say that some of the injury marks reveal that she was trying to defend herself against the attacks.

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What Happened 

In June 2022, Riley Whitelaw was found dead in her workplace. She asked for extra hours on their work, and the body was found in the break room by the store manager Justin Zunino. Once he saw her dead body, he imminently called 911 and told them about the body and described that there was blood everywhere.

It was a planned murder as the suspect Joshua Johnson (28) blocked the cameras and prepared the place of the murder so that no one goes there. And the whole thing was a messed up act and the poor 17-year-old Riley Whitelaw didn’t deserve to die such a miserable death.

How Did She Died

Riley Whitelaw died from a murderer who stabbed her endlessly 42 times. Her body was found on a calm evening on June 19th.

The suspect of the murder Joshua Johnson had romantic intentions with her for a while. But she felt uneasy about that situation, which was apparent to the other members of her workplace.

But on a break occasion, Joshua Johnson blocked the security cameras using bins and then executed the murder. As you can tell, it’s a planned murder, and he’s going to face the preliminary hearing in the El Paso County jail.

Who is Joshua Johnson?

Joshua Johnson charged with first-degree murder in killing of teen co-worker at Walgreens. Joshua Taylor Johnson made his first appearance in court Tuesday and had charges filed against him in the death of teenage co-worker, Riley Whitelaw.

Joshua Johnson

Johnson, 28, faces one charge of first-degree murder in the killing of Whitelaw, 17. If convicted, Johnson would be sentenced to life in prison.


Hopefully, you now know about the horrible death of Riley Whitelaw thanks to the autopsy report. It’s a tragedy and people all over the world are shocked by the case of her murder.


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