Randy Savage Cause of Death (Autopsy Report), How Did He Die?

Through this article, we are going to mention the famous wrestler, Randy Savage cause of death with a detailed autopsy report. Randy Savage, the winner of the two-time WWE championship, was also known as Randy Poffo. But the great sorrow matter was this wrestler had died in a car crash at the age of 58. His sudden death was utterly unbelievable to his fans. Read through our article sensibly if you want to know the real cause of death.

Randy Savage Cause of Death

Savage was most famous for his raspy voice, the sunglasses, and the bandanas he wore in the ring. In May 2011, he passed away due to a tragic car accident. Further, it was revealed that he was suffering from heart disease. Let’s know such unknown facts related to Randy Savage’s death.

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How Did Randy Savage Die?

Randy Savage, mostly known as ‘Macho Man,’ passed away at the age of 58 due to a car accident in Florida. But it is all that. Authorities declared that he had a heart attack and lost consciousness while driving. For that, his car was crashed into a tree.

Then he was taken to hospital and was pronounced dead. While driving, he was with his wife, and she also had some minor injuries from the crash. But the incident took away the life of such a professional wrestler. Now let’s know the incident and the cause of death in detail.

What Happened?

It was the date of Friday on May 20, 2011. He was driving his Jeep Wrangler with His wife, Barbara Poffo. Around 9:25AM, they were on a median on Park Boulevard. Suddenly, he became unresponsive and lost control.

For his unconsciousness, the Jeep jumped over the raised concrete median divider and crossed over the eastbound lanes. Thus, their car crashed into a tree, and he had got significant injury on his head. Immediately both of them were taken to Largo Medical Center.

The doctor declared that he was no more, but his wife suffered only minor injuries. His death was really shocked the world. After investigation, the police only said that it might be a medical event. But it could not be declared elaborately before performing the autopsy.

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Autopsy Report of Randy Savage

After his death, the doctor performed an autopsy, the real cause of the death was revealed to the worldThe medical examiner declared that he had an enlarged heart with more than 90 percent blockages of his coronary arteries. In this sequence, the medical examiner determined that the cause of this death was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

In short, he had heart disease. The director of investigations for the Medical Examiner’s Office, Bill Pellan, said that Savage might not know such kind of heart disease in his life. Doctors declared that they found no evidence of taking any type of heart-related drugs in his system.

They found alcohol in his blood, but the level was only 0.031. Savage had also painkiller hydrocodone in his blood, but he would take it as the doctor’s prescription. In short, according to the toxicology report, his death was caused by long-term heart disease. The car accident had nothing related in this case.


Hopefully, we have been able to reach as much information to your related Randy savage death.


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