Pamela Rooke Cause of Death (How Did She Die?)

Pamela Rooke cause of death was one of the most tragic events of the past decade and it was absolutely heartbreaking to the fans. Losing her was really a shock and a critical loss to the culture of punk rock fashion.

She didn’t die a natural death and that’s the sad part. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the tragic death of Pamela Rooke in detail. Without any further ado, let’s check it out right now.

Pamela Rooke Cause of Death

Known as Jordan and Jordan Mooney, Pamela Rooke was one of the most iconic models of punk rock fashion of her time. She did work with so many different legends and she represented a lot of punk fashion of the early days.

But she died an untimely death and it shook the whole fashion industry. What’s even more tragic is the fact that she was suffering from a medical condition for quite a long time. And after fighting with that condition for a long time, she finally lost her fight and died on April 3rd of 2022.

How Did She Die

Pamela Rooke died of cancer at the age of 66. Her death was confirmed by her partner Nick, and it’s officially announced on the news and media platforms as well.

She was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and it is a kind of cancer that is fatal, which took her life. It was undoubtedly a huge loss for the entire fashion industry and everybody is showing their love and respect for this legend that is no more among us.

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What Happened 

As we mentioned earlier, on April 3, 2022, Pamela Rooke left earth. She was 66 years old and she didn’t die a natural death. She was diagnosed with cancer and that is the real cause of her death.

She was an icon for bold approaches, which made her the queen of punk rock fashion. Her work with Vivienne Westwood and the SEX boutique in the Kings Road area of London will be forever remembered as it was just super iconic. She dominated the fashion industry with her boldness and quite unique work in the late 70s’.

Autopsy Report of Pamela Rooke Cause of Death

The autopsy report of Pamela Rooke is not out yet. She died on April 3rd, 2022, and it takes a few months for the autopsy report to complete and come out. So, you can’t expect it to come out this soon.

However, as she was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma which is a type of fatal cancer, it’s safe to say that her cause of death was cancer. But if you want official confirmation, then you’d have to wait for the autopsy report to come out. Only that can give you 100 percent certain information about the true cause of her death.

Last Thoughts

The death of Pamela Rooke has done tremendous damage to the punk rock model industry and her presence will be forever missed by her fans.


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