Olivia Newton Cause of Death (autopsy report), Wiki, Biography, Net Worth

Olivia Newton-John autopsy report

Olivia Newton-John cause of death shook the world, and no one was prepared for this tragic news. She had a fruitful career and made a lot of amazing songs in her career.

But she didn’t die a normal death and that’s what the most upsetting part of it is. Let’s discuss her death in great detail below so that you can get a grasp of what happened to her and how she died.

Olivia Newton Cause of Death

Olivia Newton was 73 years old when she died due to a long-term illness. She had breast cancer for years, and that illness finally took her life.

This gorgeous signer has done so much for the world in her life, which earned thousands of fans’ hearts. Her death was one of the biggest losses this year, and the whole world is mourning it right now.

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How Did She Die

The husband of Olivia Newton, Mr.JohnEasterling announced her death on Facebook. It was a piece of devastating news for the entire world.

She was diagnosed with cancer in the past a few times. But every time she recovered from it and was back to her normal life. however, this time, breast cancer took her life, which became one of the most tragic news of this decade. The world lost a beautiful person who influenced a lot of good among others.

Olivia Newton John young
Olivia Newton John young

What Happened with Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton died on August 8, 2022, and it brought tears to the fans. It was a beautiful Monday morning when the shocking news was announced by her husband himself.

She died a peaceful death surrounded by her entire family on a Monday morning at her Ranch in Southern California at the age of 73.

Autopsy Report of Olivia Newton Death Cause

There’s no autopsy report done of Olivia Newton as she passed away only a few days ago. It takes at least 6 months to get the autopsy report, which is not the case in this matter.

Also, it was apparent that the cause of death was her breast cancer. So, it may be possible that the authorities won’t find the need to go through an autopsy report in the first place.

Cancer Diagnosis

Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, and after being diagnosed with the disease again in 2017 (after initially being misdiagnosed with sciatica), she revealed that she had also battled breast cancer in 2013. After it was reported in 2017 that the cancer had metastasized to Newton-John’s lower back and spread to her bones, Olivia, who was in Stage IV cancer at the time, stated that in addition to radiation therapy, she had been using cannabis oil to treat her pain.

Her husband, John, grows the medicinal marijuana on their Santa Barbara ranch. Newton-John and Easterling co-founded the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre at Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia, which offers “world-leading treatment and care complemented by wellness programs to support patients in body, mind and spirit.”

Olivia Newton Family

Olivia Newton was married to John Easterling, and they had a daughter named Chloe Lattanzi. She was very fond of her family and loved to stay together with them.

That fact is quite apparent as she had her entire family by her side on her deathbed. Not everybody gets to have their entire family near, and she had the luck of having that. Nonetheless, the family members are devastated after her passing away.

Olivia Newton-John Wiki

Born on September 26, 1948, Olivia Newton was destined to be one of the best singers in the whole world. Her music influenced the world in a very positive way, which placed her in our hearts permanently.

Besides that, she was an activist as well, and she has done a great deed there as well. Also, she was a great actress, and perhaps, one of the most talented Australian singers.

Olivia Newton-John’s Net Worth

Olivia Newton-John Net Worth near about $60 Million. Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE was a British actress, singer, author, and producer who had a net worth of $60 million at the time of her death. Olivia Newton-John died on August 8, 2022 at the age of 73. She had been battling cancer on-and-off for many years.

Final Words

With the loss of Olivia Newton, the world lost an amazing artist and a lovely person. She’ll be forever in the memory of thousands of people and they will remember her with love and respect.


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