Nagad PIN Code Reset in 1 Minute (Nagad Pin Code Forgot Password)

Currently, Nagad is one of the most used mobile banking sites in Bangladesh. For starters, Nagad is the Bangladesh Post Office’s digital banking service. It is crucial that your Nagad PIN is secret, and no one knows about it. But what happens if you forget the code? No need to worry because there is an easy way to reset it! Today, we will look into the Nagad PIN code reset process in case you lose the PIN code.

 Nagad Pin Code Forgot Password

If you forget the Nagad account PIN for any reason, your account will be bound to run into problems. At that time, we have to pay attention to recover the PIN number of the Nagad account without considering any other aspect. This is because if you forget the Nagad PIN number, a lot of your money is in crisis.

If you forget the Nagad account password, there are several effective ways to return or reset the PIN number. Some of which are the practical ways I highlight below.

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The most effective way to reset a Nagad account PIN if you forget it is to contact Nagad Customer Care. You can contact Nagad Customer Care in different ways if you want. You can call them if you want, or you can choose to email them and contact them by going to customer care directly. However, as a Nagad customer care number, you can call 16167 or 096 096 16167 directly. An assistant will pick you up to assist you, and you can talk about your problem.

Also, if you would like to email them directly, you can email them at “[email protected]”. When you call or email the Nagad Customer Care number. Then they will want to know all the information about opening a Nagad account from you. This means it will inform you about the details of the NID card with which you opened the Nagad account with your passport or driving license or NID card.

You need to contact Nagad Customer Care to pay for all of these things at once, and then they will give you a temporary code to reset the password.

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Nagad Helpline Code

You will be given a temporary password whenever you contact Nagad Customer Care. Then you have to reset the password of your Nagad account. If you forget the Nagad Account PIN, follow the process below for Nagad PIN code reset. In this way, you will be able to successfully reset the Nagad PIN.

  • Dial * 167 # on the SIM from which the Nagad account is opened.
  • Now you will be given an option called Enter Pin to give your temporary PIN. Enter the PIN number you collected here.
  • Whenever you type that PIN number; then if it is OK then you will get the option to give a new PIN number again.

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Final Words

This way you can easily change your PIN number by first confirming the four-digit PIN number and then again. How to successfully go through Nagad PIN code reset, if you forget it is discussed above. Hopefully, it will be useful for you next time or now.


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