Lisa Robin Kelly Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did She Die?

Lisa Robin Kelly cause of death is one of the most heartbreaking events in Hollywood. This gorgeous American actress was an iconic star of the 70s’ era. Her fans are left shocked after her tragic death.

As she didn’t die a normal death, some people might not know what happened to her. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about her death right now.

Lisa Robin Kelly Cause of Death

If you know about the celebrities from the 70s’ and 80s’, then you probably have heard about Lisa Robin Kelly. She was very popular back then as she portrayed the character of Laurie in the 70s’ show.

Besides all the fame, she was a great person. However, she struggled with a lot of personal issues, which lead to a lot of problems in both his life and his career. Finally, she died unexpectedly at an early age.

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How Did Lisa Robin Kelly Die?

Lisa Robin Kelly died of drug intoxication at the age of 43. There was also the use of multiple drugs at the same time. That caused a serious drug overdose, which caused her death.

Dying of drug overdose has become quite common for celebrities over the years. They are trying to use drugs to escape their personal issues in life. But they end up doing something messed up, and in Lisa Robin Kelly’s case, she lost her life.

What Happened with Lisa

As we mentioned briefly, she died of a drug overdose. It was August 15, 2013, and she was present at a rehab center. It’s a famous rehab for addicts; the Pax House Recovery, which is located in Altadena, California, United States.

However, they were not able to help Lisa, and she died of combined drug intoxication, Later, she was buried at the Forest Lawn East Cemetery Weddington. That’s situated in the Union County, North Carolina, USA Show Map.

She has left us forever, but she will continue to live inside our hearts through his work and massive contribution to the entertainment world.

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Autopsy Report of Lisa Robin Kelly

The autopsy report of Lisa Robin Kelly showed that she died of drug intoxication and overdose. Also, there were multiple drugs involved in the act, which lead to her death.

However, the autopsy report of Lisa was pretty inconclusive as it didn’t reveal what drugs she took. All we know is that these were oral drugs and she took different types of drugs all at once. That causes a serious OD, which took her life.

She used to take drugs and drink excessively in the past as well. So, it wasn’t that big of a surprise to a lot of people when she died all of a sudden. Most people guessed that she died of an overdose before even her body was taken for postmortem.

Last Words

Unexpected deaths are the most heartbreaking thing in the world. And Lisa Robin Kelly’s death was nothing different than that. But there’s no doubt that she’ll be dearly missed for years.


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