Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code & Controls Codes

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code & Controls Codes. Jonathan BGMI sensitivity settings and control code (Battlefield Mobile India) – Jonathan Amaral is one of the most popular Indian BGMI players. Now everyone wants to play like him and want to challenge Jonathan in many Indian gamers and plays a professional BGMI, he is Mobile Mobile India Series 2020 winner of stream and content manufacturer. Jonathan is now one of the top players of the Indian BGMI. And here we present his secret Jonathan sensitivity settings.

Basically, his name was Jonathan Amaral. He used BGMI’s Baspankaapyr instead of his actual name. It is impossible to say that Jonathan will not be beaten in the world. Many Indian players challenge Jonathan, but they do not know his BGMI ID. If you don’t know his ID, you can not contact him. PUBG mobile Jonathan came to Fame, but the Indian government banned this game because it was considered a security risk.

This young blood is the top-authentic player in Indian gaming scene. He includes a unique command of its control format and sensitivity. Which allows him to provide giant performance in the main tournament and league. In addition to the authority of Esports scene, he has a YouTube channel 2.2 million subscribers. He actively streams BGMI gameplay in his channel and comes among the most effective and most followers in the BGMI community.

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code & Controls Codes

Jonathan Gaming BGMI I’D is 5112616229 He is a famous hacker reported to him because of this excellent gameplay. BGMI Jonathan is a famous YouTube streamer he has just completed 3 million subscriptions so congratulations and he is a famous sports or scream player. Jonathan’s real name is Jonathan Amaral and he is 19 years old. Jonathan’s Control code is 6893-8862-3985-5281-804. Jonathan’s sensitivity code is 6893-4240-2977-3338-186. So today below I told you about some of Jonathan’s BGMI sensitivity settings and controls. I tell you Jonathan uses 2 fingers to play BGMI. Jonathan always uses a gyroscope while playing PUBG India.

Jonathan BGMI Short Information

BGMI Username DontCRYYY
BGMI ID 5298394296
Control Code 6983-8879-3515-7307-128
Sensitivity Code 6983-8879-3515-7307-129
Team GodLike eSports
Role Assaulter
F/D Ratio 5+
Tier Conqueror
Device iPhone 13 Pro Max

Jonathan BGMI Controls Codes

Jonathan’s Control code is 6893-8862-3985-5281-804

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code

Jonathan’s sensitivity code is 6893-4240-2977-3338-186.

Jonathan BGMI sensitivity Settings Code

Camera Sensitivity Settings

  • Camera in the third person (free look): 100%
  • The camera (free look): 100%
  • First Person camera (free look): 100%
  • No scope for the third person: 120%
  • No scope for 1st Person: 104%
  • Aim assistance, Red Dots, Holographics: 30%
  • 2x scope: 24%
  • 3x scope: 14%
  • 4x scope: 12%
  • 6x scope: 8%
  • 8x scope: 10%

ADS sensitivity

  • Third Person No Scope: 50%
  • First Person No Scope: 50%
  • Aim Assist, Holo, and Red Dot: 20%
  • 2x Scope: 26%
  • Win94, 3x Scope: 24%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 30%
  • 6x Scope: 12%
  • 8x Scope: 12%

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • No Scope Third Person: 300%
  • First Person No Scope: 300%
  • Aim assist, red dot, holo: 300%
  • 2x Scope: 300%
  • 3x Scope, Win94: 240%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 235%
  • 6x Scope: 70%
  • 8x Scope: 80%

Jonathan ADS Gyroscope Settings

Settings Percentage
3rd Person No Scope 300%
1st Person No Scope 300%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 100%
2x Scope 100%
3x Scope, Win94 300%
4x Scope, VSS 300%
6x Scope 240%
8x Scope 260%

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