Jimmy Hayes Cause of Death (Autopsy Report) How Did He Die?

Many people wonder about Jimmy Hayes cause of death, who has passed away in August at his home in Milton, Mass. Jimmy Hayes was the former Boston Bruins winger and most well-known NHL player. He was also won a national hockey championship.

In August, the sudden death news shocked all the people. Many of them search for detailed autopsy reports. To think about this, we have come here today. Readout our article to learn the death cause in depth.

Jimmy Hayes Cause of Death

When Jimmy died, there had fentanyl and cocaine in his system. That means he was greatly addicted to pain pills. So everyone suspected that this addition to drugs led to his death. Scroll down to know more information.

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How Did He Die?

Only at the age of 31, Jimmy Hayes unexpectedly had died at his home, Milton, Massachusetts. The causes of Jimmy’s death have been revealed. According to the doctor, he had died of pill addiction which is powerful stuff. Hayes used to take this for an extended period as the pain pill. After hearing this cause, his wife Kristen Hayes was utterly shocked.

She never knew Jimmy’s signs of addiction at home. She thought that the finding of death might be a heart attack or something else, but not related to drugs. In short, Hayes took the painkiller to lessen his pain and ultimately, it became his addiction. This addiction had been the cause of his death.

What Happened with Jimmy Hayes?

It was the date of Aug. 23. The famous Former Bruins winger Jimmy Hayes was found dead in his Milton home. Hayes’s sudden death really shocked the world. Nobody ever knows such a well, healthy, happy young man would die at an early age.

 His wife and two adorable boys were devastated at his death. Even his parents, sisters, brothers, and all his loved ones couldn’t believe that formal NHL journeyman and their loving Hayes was no mire. But Hayes’ father, Kevin Hayes, explored that he had been noticing some changes in his son for a long period.

In 2019, Hayes stopped playing professional hockey due to an injury. For that, he started taking some painkillers to reduce the pain. Hayed told his father about three weeks ago that he was hooked on these pills. So, there may be a possibility for causing these pills by taking these pills in an unlimited manner.

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Autopsy Report of Jimmy Hayes

After his death, he was taken to the hospital for an autopsy. The autopsy was done two days after he died. After the autopsy, the toxicology report was revealed the actual cause for his death. Doctors declared that Hayes struggled with addiction, and they found cocaine and fentanyl in his system.

Also, according to the autopsy, the medical examiner determined that Hayes died from acute intoxication. They had listed the actual the actual cause his of death as “acute intoxication due to the combined effects of fentanyl and cocaine.” The two drugs combinedly affected him a lot and took away his life.


Though his early death was really shocking, the world always remembers his youthfulness. Hopefully, we have assembled all pieces of information about Jimmy Hayes death.


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