Isadora Duncan Cause of Death (Autopsy Report) How Did She Die

The whole world was shocked to hear about Isadora Ducan death. She was one of the most talented dancers of her time, and the world definitely lost a gem when she passed away.

But what happened that day and how did she actually die? Let’s go over everything you need to know about her death below.

Isadora Duncan Cause of Death

Angela Isadora Duncan was an American dancer, who left some of the most iconic works in the dancing industry. Unfortunately, she died an untimely death, leaving her fans and everybody else in the world shocked.

Besides dancing, she was an excellent choreographer as well, and her death was not an easy thing to forget. After her death, the newspapers were flooded with this tragic news. And very soon the whole world got to know about her untimely demise. And they were equally left shocked and heartbroken to know about the death of the star.

How Did She Die

Angela Duncan died in a bizarre car accident. She was 50 years old when she left the world. The reason for her death is a thing of great misery for most people even to this day.

She died from excessive force around her neck. That was caused by the scarf she was wearing while she was trying out a new car. That’s one of the most unfortunate and heartbreaking events of 1927.

Isadora Duncan might be dead, but she still lives among us with the tremendous work that she has done in the past. People will never forget her, and she will be remembered every year.

What Happened

She was riding The Amilcar CGSS in Nice, France. Suddenly, her massive silk scarf got tangled in the rear hubcaps of the car. It immediately dragged Isadora Duncan out of the car and into the road. That dangerous incident took her life.

The force was too massive that it caused instant death. Such causes of death are not that common and absolutely break the heart. The day was September 14, 1927, and it was a tragic moment for everybody. That day, the world lost a super talented dancer.

Autopsy Report of Isadora Duncan Death

The Autopsy Report of Isadora Duncan confirms that her death was caused by an automobile accident. She was wearing a huge silk scarf around her neck. Suddenly a stream of air caused it to fly towards the open wheels of theAmilcar CGSS and as a result, the scarf got tangled there.

The running car’s force was too much, and it killed Isadora Duncan on the spot. It was 9:40 o’clock at night, and doctors confirmed her death. Her neck was broken by the accident because of the pull from the running vehicle. But people still love and remember Isadora Duncan with respect, and that will never come to an end.

Final Words

Isadora Duncan’s untimely death was one of the most tragic events in the history book. Such talents are quite rare and losing her was devastating for her fans and everyone else.


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