Roblox Identity Fraud Morse Code (July, 2022)

Identity Fraud Morse Code

Roblox Identity Fraud Morse Code (July, 2022). Do you want to know the Roblox Identity Fraud Morse code? So you are in the right place here you will find the complete guide to Identity Fraud Morse Code. Identity Fraud is an amazing horror game created by the motherboard on the RobLox platform. In this Identity Fraud game, you will be introduced to various in-game mazes. The main goal of the game is to run from the maze and reach the final in-game boss.

Also, you will meet some powerful monsters on the way so try to avoid them all, otherwise they will kill you then the game will be over. In the game, some secret codes are found. You must solve these in-game mysteries to complete a maze and enter the next Identity Fraud game maze.

What is the Morse code in identity fraud?

The beeps that radio emits are known as Morse code. To open the door, you need to decode the beeping that turns into a number and enter the number combination in the game chat. Once the code is typed in the game chat, the Morse code will still remain the same unless everyone leaves the server and rejoins.

How do you decode code in identity fraud?

This code is different on each server. To get the correct code to open the boss room door, you must use a hexadecimal decoder. When you open it, you must enter all the numbers below the seven-digit code. Click “Hex Decode” when it’s done! Website linked above.

How do you open the door in identity fraud on Roblox?

For this maze, the exit door is opened by pushing a small button on a wall near the exit door. When the button is green, left-click on it, or if the player is on the Xbox, press Y and slide the metal doors to open.

Identity Fraud Morse Code

In the game of identity fraud, several monsters are found. You can easily learn about them from here.

  • Alice is the 1st monster on our list. He has amazing yellow eyes, which can deceive you like a firefly. When she is actually visible, she takes on the look of a girl’s silhouette wearing a pure white dress.
  • Identity is a title in the game and one of the unique monsters of identity fraud.
  • Ralph is another ultimate monster of identity forgery and he is primarily known as a genocidal.
  • fraud is famous as a master of disguise.
  • Stan is known as the master of looking at the game.
  • James is recognized by the Master of Fear.
  • Finally, the last hurdle is the final boss of this identity fraud horror game.

Identity Fraud Maze 1

The first thing is to find a mirror. That mirror leads you to the path. When you hit that mirror, face it then go to your right. Stick to the left side of the wall then take all possible left. This will take you to the entrance to the second maze.

Identity Fraud Maze 2

Same deal with the first maze. Stick to the left side of the wall then take all possible left.

Identity Fraud Maze 3

Maze 3 is the hardest of them all. You’ll find the most annoying monster, James. And you get Stan. But for this maze you must have the sound on, because there is a radio where you have to go. All you have to do is listen to the beep. The louder it is, the closer you are.

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