How To Make Your Own Clone Hero Chart Easy

How To Make Clone Hero Chart

How To Make Your Own Clone Hero Chart Easy. For those who haven’t heard of Clone Hero, it’s a fan-built shareware version of Guitar Hero games that lets people import their own charts (songs with notes to play with) and customize the game to their liking, such as Highway Length, Note Speed, All Taps, Note Shuffle etc.

This is one of the most popular rhythm games in the last few years. With another program called Moonscraper Chart Editor, you can create your own chart of any song or audio part of your choice. MIDIs do not work by themselves, if you are thinking.

What is Clone Hero Chart?

Clone Hero Chart is a clone version of the official Guitar Hero game. Based on PC, this game was created by Guitar Hero fans, complete with access to various Guitar Hero features and rock band features. As peripheral-based rhythm games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band began in the mid-2000s, the titles of a number of computer games gained much support and admiration from the general public. Although the popularity of these games has waned over time, an enthusiastic community of enthusiasts has kept their emotions alive and well by developing their version, Clone Hero.

How to make your own Clone Hero Chart?

If you plan to add your song tracks to the Clone Hero chart, you can easily do so through the programs listed below.


This software allows the easiest way to create your chart in Clone Hero. Moonscraper is a charting software that creates new features introduced by Firefox in 2016 with ExileLord’s GH3 +. Changes like tap notes and open notes are more usable in this program. It has been constantly evolving since its birth and includes full clone hero support. It is used by almost all charters and is chosen according to their advice.

Editor of Fire

Editor on Fire is a charting program that was created specifically for Freight on Fire and was first published in early 2008 on the FOF forum by NuCriture. Soon after, a developer named Raynebc took over the program and converted it into software we know today, complete with. Clone Hero support and several other features to improve your life as a charter. Frogs, Jackie, MercuryHg34, Miscellany, and Sygenysis are among the CSC charters that use Editor on Fire.


Reaper is a computer-based digital audio production software with facilities for multi-track audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, blending and mastering. It can be used to play games like Clone Hero and charters can easily create their charts with it.

How to use Moonscraper charts on Clone Hero?

  • Right from the bat, select a song you want to chart on Clone Hero.
  • Save your selected song in a folder containing the file named Notes.
  • Charts and songs.ogg.Next, save the entire file and export it so that it can chart to Clone Hero.
  • Later, the song will appear in Clone Hero. Enjoy it and learn its tabs!

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