How Many Minutes Is A Quarter In Football

How Many Minutes Is A Quarter In Football. A quarter of football lasts a total of fifteen minutes on the game clock. A football quarter in real-time is roughly forty minutes long in the NFL. A football game consists of four quarters with fifteen minutes of playing time each. The average NFL game lasts three hours and twelve minutes which means a football game is much longer than four fifteen minute quarters of playing time. If you take the two, two-minute breaks provided between the first and third quarters as well as the twelve-minute halftime. You can get a more accurate view of how long each quarter takes in real time.

After subtracting these sixteen minute breaks that occur between quarters you get an average playing time of two hours and 66 minutes. Dividing the playing time into four parts gives you 44 minutes. This means that an average quarter in football takes fourteen minutes and in real time. It’s important to note though that this can only be viewed as an average as there are several factors that can affect how long a particular quarter of football can last.

How Many Minutes Is A Quarter In Football

From that first day, there was a certain rule. Over the years, they have been modified and updated to suit the times. But the basic principles of the game remain the same. The main objective of a game is for the offense to reach the end zone and score points on the opposing team’s defense by kicking a touchdown or field goal.

All this takes place on a 100-yard long field. The team leading at the end of four quarters is declared the winner. As for quarters, they are divided into two halves with two quarters in each half. Each quarter is 15 minutes long, which means the total duration for an NFL game on the field is one hour.

Main Factors In Quarter Length

Commercial breaks are important to take into account when trying to determine how long a football quarter will last. In each half of football, a mandatory ten commercial breaks will be taken. A commercial break will occur between the two quarters and one will occur immediately following the two-minute warning The remaining eight commercial breaks will be split across two quarters of gameplay. You’ll also notice that the game won’t pause to go to commercial breaks when a team is on the field.

In some cases, this results in massive commercial breaks with only a quarter of the half remaining. This is why you’ll often see a sequence of commercial breaks that occur late in the half. Keep track of how many commercial breaks occur while watching a football game. If the first trimester is too short, for example, be sure to expect a long second trimester.

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