Halina Perez cause of death (Autopsy Report) what happened to Halina Perez?

Halina Perez cause of death (Autopsy Report). Halina Perez was a Filipina actress. Perez was born Vanessa Mae Ann Urry in Santa Maria, Laguna. She graduated from Sta. Maria Academy School in Sta. Maria enrolled in the University of Laguna and Enverga before relocating to Manila, where she entered show business. Perez appeared in erotic thrillers and comedies. Notable credits include Kiskisan (2003), Kasiping (with Diana Zubiri) (2002), Balat Sibuas (2002), Amorseko: Damong Ligao (2001) and Ikapitong Gloria (2001).

Halina Perez Cause of Death, Halina Perez was an actress who died at the age of 22. But how Halina Pere died is unclear to some people, so here you can check Halina Pere’s cause of death.

Halina Perez Cause of death

Actress Halina Pare died at the age of 22. According to reports, Halina Pare’s cause of death was revealed to be due to head injuries. Actress Halina Perez passed away at the age of 22. Halina Perez’s cause of death was stated to be a blunt force trauma to the head.

Halina Perez Cause Of Death

On March 4, 2004, Perez attended the opening ceremony of Konica Photo Store in Legazpi City. On their way back to Manila, their van collided head-on with a truck at the border of Tagkawayan, Quezon and Camarines Norte. Perez’s manager Issah Muni also died at the scene. The van driver also died after surgery. Perez broke his neck in the crash but was still breathing when rescuers pulled him from the wreckage. He died on arrival at the hospital. The remaining four were killed. Pérez was buried at the Santa Maria Catholic Cemetery in his hometown of Santa Maria, Laguna.

How Did Die Actress Halina Perez ?

Film actress Halina Perez died yesterday morning of severe head injuries after her van collided with a trailer truck. Perez, 21, was sleeping in the van when she and co-star Dana Garcel and five others met with the crash. They were going to do a series of shows in Legazpi City, Central Philippines. Halina Perez was rushed to a hospital in Tagkawayan, Quezon, but was pronounced dead on arrival, police said. Perez’s driver and another companion, both unidentified, died in the crash, and Garcel and Domingo Valleza, Antonio Melon and Jerry Olais were injured.

How old was Halina Perez when died?

Halina Perez died in 2004. Halina Perez was 22 when she died.

How many years ago did Halina Perez die?

Halina Perez died in 2004. So since we are now in 2022, Halina Perez died almost 18 years ago.

How many days has Halina Perez been dead?

It has been approximately 6771 days since Halina Perez died.

How many months has it been since Halina Perez died?

Halina Perez has been dead for about 226 months.

Where did Halina Perez die? Place of Death

Halina Perez closed her eyes on March 04, 2004 in Del Gallego, Camarines Sur. Place of Death Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.

When was Halina Perez born?

Halina Perez was born on 11 December 1981. Halina Perez was born in 1981.

Where was Halina Perez Born? Place of birth

Halina Perez was born on 11 December 1981 in Santa Maria, Laguna. Birthplace Santa Maria, Laguna.

How old would Halina Perez be today if were alive?

Halina Perez, who died in 2004, would have been 40 years old if she were alive today.

Is Halina Perez Dead?

Halina Perez died in 2004. Is Halina Perez dead? The answer to the question is yes.
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