GTA San Andreas APK v2.00 Download (MOD + OBB File) for Android, iOS & PC

GTA San Andreas APP Free Download

GTA San Andreas APK v2.00 Download (MOD + OBB File) for Android, iOS & PC. Almost all of us played GTA game series in our childhood. Every kid in the 90’s was a dead heart fan of the GTA series. But now it seems difficult to play this game in the system because everyone is busy in their life. So for this concern the developers have also released the mobile version of it.

GTA San Andreas Apk is the mobile version of GTA Vice City. Where the main story revolves around a man named Carl. With Mod Apk, you will get OBB and Cheats. Carl lives in San Andreas and his family is murdered by thugs. Even corrupt police officers forced him to leave the city. But Carl starts all the fights to avenge his family. It is also called GTA SA Apk for short.

GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas is one of several popular Rockstar GTA series. This is one of the best games on the PlayStation 2 console list because only a few of these games made the PlayStation 2 the top memorable console. The GTA San Andreas game was released in 2004 and is still one of the best-selling games in PlayStation 2 history. GTA San Andreas City Map is a fictional replica of the city of San Andreas. Initially, the game was only possible to play on PlayStation 2 and personal computers, but now it can be played on any device.

About GTA San Andreas APP

San Andreas is a favorite action-adventure game for every gamer. First, GTA was released for PC and Windows users. Now you can play it on almost every gaming platform, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS and Android. You can download Android Full Version APK + OBB + Mod from apkgameapps.com. Download for free install directly from the quick link and enjoy the excellent gameplay. The game is open world genre, which means you can explore the virtual world you live in.

You can complete different missions, or you can play what you want to do in real life. You can play basketball, shop and customize your player CJ (Carl Johnson). If you want you can work as a firefighter, doctor, cop, taxi driver, you can play like a real gangster. If you want to steal a car motorbike, you can kill it. , Bicycles, car explosions, get any kind of gun, buy a house and save the game. Download GTA San Andreas Android now.

GTA San Andreas Story

It all starts with Carl “CJ” Johnson leaving his hometown of Ganton, as his brother Sweet, the leader of the gang “Grove Street Family” blames him for the death of their younger brother Brian. Fed up with all the crime and drugs, CJ decides to start a new and peaceful life away from the gang in Liberty City. But, unfortunately, his peaceful life ended 5 years later when he heard the news of his mother’s death, Beverly. CJ decides to return to attend his mother’s funeral, arriving at the airport he decides to return to his mother’s house with a cab, but is stopped by some corrupt police, including Crash and Frank Tenpeni, who threaten him if he does not work for them. Another policeman will be wrongly charged with murder.

However, CJ eventually returns to his hood and attends his mother’s funeral. Promising to find out who was responsible for his mother’s death. He soon realizes that his older brother, Sweet, is losing control of the street, and that rival factions are taking over all illegal business in the city. CJ decides to help his brother and childhood friends regain lost energy and seek revenge by finding those already responsible for his mother’s death.

But in the end, with the help of Caesar, CJ unravels a dark mystery that his mother died as a result of a drive-by shooting. In fact to free him and his gang from his brother’s sweetness, and no one else planned it. Than his childhood friends Smoke and Ryder, who are working for Crash and Ballas. CJ finally avenges his mother’s death by killing both traitors.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay

Like the previous GTA games in the series, GTA San Andreas is a single-player (CJ) based third-person open-world game with many advanced and new features added that make the game more enjoyable and without telling the whole story – just like the rest of Rockstar’s masterpieces. . The game offers players barefoot or exploring the environments of a vast open world using hundreds of vehicles from cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles, airplanes, helis, hovercraft, jets, tanks and whitnotes.

Rockstar has even added more player abilities like wall climbing and underwater swimming (other games are lacking). Which makes the game more exciting but we will discuss all the amazing features in detail. But nothing can ever change. And it’s as good as a mission-based story-line that guides the player through the game as they complete specific missions and tasks and unlock new player abilities, items and city areas based on those missions that add up. By A touch of novelty in the game as we move through it.

Features of GTA San Andreas Mod APK

Extra Abilities

GTA San Andreas has a lot of extra powers that are not like swimming in the final creation of GTA because it is not possible to swim in GTA Vice City, where you can jump and swim in the water according to your stamina in GTA San Andreas.

Variation of Vehicles

At GTA San Andreas, you will find many new updated vehicles, with BMX bikes and police motorcycles the main focus. As in all last GTA games, there were no bikes as cars. Flying Airplane in an open-world game was everyone’s dream which came true only because of GTA San Andreas.

Own Look Styling

In GTA Vice City and all the last games, you were able to change the costume of your avatar or character and you can even change the original avatar of the game, but you were not able to change the hair style of your character, you can create some tattoos on your skin and in many ways your Appearance changes.

Updated Target mark

When using weapons, target shooting makes shooting easier. As in GTA Vice City, targeting by the target mark was not so easy. But in GTA San Andreas, it is very easy to kill someone because the color of the mark will automatically change according to the health of the opponent, which will take your shooting to the next level in open-world games.

Outside Food Shops

GTA San Andreas has also launched multiple food stores on its map. There will be an extra sign for a pizza shop, burger shop, beverage bar and every other store. So if your health is very low, you can go to any store and buy pizza or burgers with money, eat and naturally improve your health without accepting any cheat code.

Co-operative mode

This is the best point of GTA San Andreas because everyone wants to play this kind of open-world game with their friends to increase their level of fun, but in reality, it was so difficult to create a co-player or dual-player open-world game. But Rockstar Games has made that difficult task possible. By visiting a few secret places on the map, you can easily play GTA San Andreas with one of your friends.

Some Physical and Mental Abilities

Inside the GTA San Andreas game, there is a power bar, where you can see your character’s stamina, fat, respect, weapon skills, muscle and sexual appeal. You can increase this ability by training and gyming. Lifting weights and doing lots of exercise there. Your body will become nice, and you can also lose your fat by exercising there to make your avatar look calmer.

Download GTA San Andreas APK For Android & iOS

GTA San Andreas is one of Rockstar’s biggest headlines, the game was first released in 2004. And since GTA San Andreas is one of the best and most popular game games of all time. It is available for Android. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been available to iOS users ever. Since it was made universal for Android users and the game looks absolutely stunning with a high-quality visual that is typically supported by iOS devices. The game runs as smoothly as ever due to the optimizations made for the iOS platform. Which makes it better than the performance of most Android devices.

How To Download & Install GTA San Andreas App For Android Device?

  • First of all, click the Download button to install the GTA San Andreas Apk.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Download Page.
  • After downloading the apk file, just open the App.
  • If your device asks you to Enable ‘Unknown Sources Installation”, then enable it.
  • Next, again open the file and start the installation step.
  • After installation of GTA San Andreas Apk, you don’t need to log in. Just enjoy Premium.

How To Download GTA San Andreas App On iOS or iPhone

Not only Android users but also iOS users can download GTA San Andreas on their device. This is a very simple process to download GTA San Andreas iOS. Follow the steps below to make it easier.

  • The very First step is to open the App Store on your Apple device.
  • Now in the search bar search for the GTA San Andreas App.
  • Enter your apple id and Click on the download or install button to continue the process.
  • Once your GTA San Andreas app is downloaded successfully it will automatically installed on your iOS device.
  • After successful installation, you will get a GTA San Andreas icon at your app menu or on the home screen.
  • Now you can open the app and sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account or give required details to sign up with GTA San Andreas.

How To Download GTA San Andreas  App For PC & Laptop [Windows or Mac]

  • To install any app on PC, you need to download the Android Emulator on your desktop. This emulator will work as an android phone on your PC. So that you can use play store on PC to download unlimited android apps.
  • You can find a lot of emulators in the market but Bluestacks is the best and recommended Android emulator for Pc.
  • Download and install the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and login into Google account for Google Play Services.
  • Now open the Bluestacks, Search for the GTA San Andreas app in the play store.
  • Click on it to download the app. Once the app is downloaded it will be installed automatically.

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