Free Fire Weekly Membership Buy with Bkash

Garena Free Fire, often known as Free Fire, is a battle royale game for Android and iOS. It was the most downloaded smart phone game in the world in 2022. Weekly membership is a gaming feature that provides you with several rewards over the course of a week. Unfortunately, in-game purchases are not as simple for Bangladeshi Free Fire gamers. We’re here to tell you about a simple way to get a weekly subscription. That is -free fire weekly membership buy with Bkash.

 What is Free Fire Weekly Membership?

Weekly membership is another name for a battle pass for Free Fire. Weekly Membership will give you several benefits every day for a week. With Weekly membership, you will be getting

  • A total of 420 diamonds. Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire.
  • You will be earning 211% more in each match. It means that if you earn 10 points in one match, with weekly membership your earning will be multiplied to 21.1 points.
  • You will see a display of weekly cards in the color blue on the upper middle part of your game screen. It will turn silver when your subscription is over.
  • Daily resets at 3.00 AM.

How to Purchase Free Fire Weekly Membership?

As we stated before, making online games and in-game purchases are difficult for Bangladeshi gamers. Individual efforts are difficult however; there are a few ways through which you can make these purchases. We have looked over the options and the best option is to make Free Fire weekly membership buy is through Bkash. Keep on reading to find out how to make your free fire weekly membership buy with Bkash.

Free Fire Weekly Membership Free online

Process of Free Fire Weekly Membership Buy with Bkash

We will give you step by step instructions to make your purchase experience easier. Here it goes:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • There are many Facebook pages that help with free fire in-game purchases. Namely, Free Fire Game Zone BD, Ranar gamer. Daraz also offers Free Fire weekly membership buy with Bkash. Visit their pages.
  • There will a post with the price of each item for the Free Fire Game. Week Membership buy cost ranges from 135 to 200 BDT.
  • Send them a message writing that you want to buy Free Fire Weekly membership.
  • They’ll get back with a response of what they’ll need to make the purchase for you with the price.
  • Send them your gamer tag; mail ID with which you opened the Free Fire account.
  • They’ll send you a number.
  • Send the money.
  • You’ll receive mail with purchase code, input that in designated space in the game
  • And Voila! You have completed your Free Fire Weekly membership buy with Bkash.


Lastly, we would like to suggest you check the ratings of the page from which you are interested to buy your free fire membership. Also, don’t forget to check the subscription information in the game because the subscription will auto-renew if you don’t turn it off at the earliest. Be Careful about Free Fire weekly membership buy with Bkash and enjoy your subscription!


Yasin Rahman is a commentator, eSports expert and pundit on The FPL Zone podcast. A former professional Call of Duty player, Yasin is a passionate Wigan Athletic and Essex supporter with a love for all things football and cricket.
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