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Free Fire has set a record in growth after the ban of PUBG Mobile. Regardless of the PUBG mobile ban. Free Fire is working tirelessly to delight the South Asian Community. As they have introduced the Free Fire Tri-Series. It has the potential to become the biggest ever Esports event in South Asia as all three countries India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, are set to participate in the Free Fire Tri Series. The Free Fire Tri-Series, featuring teams from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Is all set to kick off on the 9th of April 2022. The prestigious event, which boasts a massive prize pool of $50,000, will be played between 18 teams.

Free Fire Tri Series 2022

Recently, the schedules & format were released for the Free Fire Tri Series that is going live today, 9th April. All the teams are divided into three groups (A,B,C). That are all set two battle it out for the top 12 spots in the grand finals. Each group will face another two times in a span of 6 days. After Day 6, the top 12 teams will continue to the Grand Finals which is scheduled on 25th April, 2022.

Garena recently announced the schedule and group division for the Free Fire Tri-Series. Each week will feature a total of three match days. The finals of the FFTS 2022 will be held on the 25th of April 2022. 18 teams have been divided equally among Groups A, B, and C.


Free Fire Tri Series Group List 2022

Group A

  1. GXR
  2. Team Chaos
  3. House of Blood
  4. Team Hotshot
  5. TM Swag
  6. Riot

Group B

  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Team Elite
  3. Team TG
  4. Demons Pride
  5. Extreme Ex
  6. B26 Mystics

Group C

  1. Nemesis
  2. Last Breath
  3. Revengers
  4. No Chance
  5. Jawbreakers
  6. Agent EXP

Prize Pool In Free Fire Tri Series

A mammoth prize pool of $50,000 is featured in the Free Fire Tri Series.

Free Fire tri Series Participate Country’s & Team List

India Team

Team Chaos, Team Elite, Sixth Sense, Last Breath, Galaxy Racer, Nemesis.

Pakistan Team

Team TG, Hotshot, Revengers, No Chance, House of Blood, Demons Pride.

Bangladesh Team

Riot, Tm Swag, Extreme Ex, Agent Exp, B26 MYSTICS, The JAWBREAKERS.


Free Fire Tri-Series schedule 2022

Week 1

  1. Match day 1 – April 9 (A vs B)
  2. 2nd Match – April 10 (B vs C)
  3. Match day 3 – April 11 (C vs A)

Week 2

  1. Match day 4 – April 16 (A vs B)
  2. 5th Match– April 17 (B vs C)
  3. Match day 6 – April 18 (C vs A)

Grand Finals

Grand Finals – 25th April, 2022

How do I watch live streaming of Free Fire Tri-Series?

You can catch the live stream of the Tri Series on the Official Youtube Channel of Free Fire. There will be live streams on the official social media handles of Free Fire as well. Free Fire claims that the Tri-Series will be an excellent opportunity for the qualified teams to test their limits & warm-up for the Free Fire World Series. Free Fire World series is set to take place from May 22 to May 29 that will pit the best teams against each other.

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