Free Fire Game Get Banned In Bangladesh

According to a report published by Bangladesh’s renowned publication ‘Dainik Manab Zamin’, the Ministry of Education and Home Affairs has proposed banning the royal titles of the two major wars, PUBG and Free-Fire. About the game they mentioned the addiction among the younger age group citizens. Well, the big step taken by the Bangladesh government is not the secrecy, the main goal is child addiction.

With this, Bangladesh will become the seventh country to ban PUBG mobiles. The ministry has even discussed that this practice could be continued using VPN which will be taken care of and the matter will be closed on priority basis.

Bangladesh Government Banned Free Fire

This came as a huge shock to the country’s gaming community as players began to do well in the region and beyond. They have been good at competing with international teams. In the latest survey, Free-Fire had the most downloaded and played games at the time of the epidemic, while PUBG was fourth on that list.

The report further said that the concerns were discussed with the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Also, the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Users Association has called for action against two popular Riley titles due to their intoxicating nature.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has said that steps will be taken to ban these games in a healthy way to avoid adverse reactions. The use of VPNs as an alternative way to run them was also addressed. It was revealed that the ministry would take steps to ensure that such things were stopped.


 Play Free Fire Using VPN

The report also said that the sudden ban could encourage Bangladeshi youth. With this in mind, the sanctions measures will move forward at a slow but steady pace. It is also being investigated for not being able to access games using VPN or other methods. The report further sheds light on the negative aspects of gaming and presents many violent incidents that were reasonably ignited by gaming. It also addresses how both games have grown to unprecedented levels and become a regular source of entertainment for children and young adults.

Free Fire Game Banned 2022 Bangladesh

Many citizens of the country have expressed their views on the issue. And some have complained that the government is not fair to their decisions. Where people still do not have free access to the Internet. Where there is no proper regulation to stop the violence. Caused by social media, governments are looking for solutions by banning entire platforms that help people engage in activities.

Many believe that a ‘limited and controlled’ access for kids is a much more readily available option. Than banning games altogether. They further claim that each and every application. Including Facebook and TicTac, goes under the same kind of review before being left free access. Opposing this, a large number of people have said that simply banning these games. It will save their children and families from further harm.

Free Fire Bangladesh Server

Freefire recently announced that it is launching a brand new dedicated server for Bangladesh. That is scheduled to go live on June 7th. Needless to say, Bangladeshi gamers are in frenzy after the news of possible ban on these two games broke.

Nevertheless, if these games are really banned. There will be a serious loss of career-created content creators. And sports players outside of gaming. Not to mention the definition of loss it will generate for a huge number of gamers. Who have invested in these games with both money and hard work.

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