ED Warren Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did He Die?

Edward Warren and his wife Lorraine Rita were both famous paranormal investigators. They are thought to have investigated more than 10,000 spooky incidents in their careers.

Although Edward Warren was known as a paranormal investigator, there is still some uncertainty about how he died, which remains unresolved. Doctors say a heart attack was cited as the cause of his death, but there may be more stories behind it. Let’s find out.

ED Warren Cause of Death

Surprising to hear, Edward Warren experienced death while in the Navy at the age of 17 before becoming known as a paranormal investigator.

Edward and Lorraine’s marriage took place shortly after this incident. The most popular of their case studies was the 1975 Amity Horror. The house was possessed by a demonic spirit that drove the inhabitants out of the house.

ED Warren’s last five years have been quite painful. During that time he was struggling with several health problems. He was later hospitalized when he collapsed in 2001.

He was in a coma for about 11 weeks and was away from all kinds of activities.

He later died of a heart attack in 2006. Doctors say the cause of his death was a normal heart attack. However, according to many, he died of a heart attack due to deception.

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How Did Edward Warren Die?

ED Warren died on 3 August 2006 at his home in Monroe. He was about 69 years old at the time of his death. Although the exact cause of death is not yet known. However, according to the doctors, the deterioration of his health had a big impact on his death.

What Happened?

Doctors have blamed ED Warren’s deteriorating health and heart attack as the cause of death. However, according to many, his heart attack was due to exorcism.

Until several days before his death he was almost bedridden and detached from all his activities. He was in a coma for about 11 weeks in 2001 due to poor health. At that moment, the doctors informed him that he would never be able to return to normal. He died in 2006 after a painful period of several years.

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Autopsy Report of ED Warren

Postmortem or autopsy usually occurs when someone dies abnormally. It reveals exactly what caused the death of a human being. This is considered to be the best way to uncover the real cause of death.

Since ED Warren was ill for a long time and according to doctors he died of a normal heart attack, no autopsy was performed on him.


How did ED Warren die or what’s the ED Warren cause o death, there was an interaction between everyone about it. Although the exact cause of his death is not yet known. However, according to many, he died of a heart attack due to deception.


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