Easy Clone Hero Auto Charter

Clone Hero Autocharter Tutorial

Easy Clone Hero Auto Charter | Clone Hero Autocharter Tutorial. This tool generates an automatic chart from your FL Studio.midi file. Using it to chart FL Studio songs speeds up the process when you start putting the charts together. Quickly create a basic chart that you can change Basic Charting Algorithm – Chart such as low pitch green, high pitch orange Note timing will match your midi, will be perfect It charts Star Power and categories.

Easy Clone Hero Auto Charter


The first charting program (in any particular order) is in the main three that people use. This charting program was created with Clone Hero in mind, and has lots of Nifty bells and whistles. These include (but are not limited to): export song.ini, single section signals, playable in charter mode, key and mouse placement modes, enhanced durability, and even drag and drop functionality. There’s a GitHub for Moonscraper, but the manufacturer itself doesn’t have much to do with additional explanations from Firefox, but it does have a Discord server.

Editor on Fire

The second is the charting program which is part of the main three that people use now. Used by most people who come from the freight on fire forum charter side. As GitHub explains: “EOF is a song editor for Freight on Fire, Phase Shift, Rock Band and Rocksmith. The goal of EOF is to provide a simple process that allows you to create songs. And spend a little bit. Time designing notes charts and EOF will save files in a format suitable for immediate use with freight on fire and phase shifts. “


The last is the charting program which has three main parts. This charting program is mostly used by people in the custom creator or C3 community. It is used by Harmonics and is more than just a charting program. Because it is a fully fledged DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is a “free trial” (it never ends like WinRar). But you will get full access to the product with the free trial. If you want to support them and don’t see the “This is a free trial” screen every time you open it. The technically complete product costs at least US 60$.

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