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Best Columbia SC Car Accident Lawyer

Columbia SC Car Accident Lawyer | Best Personal Injury Attorney Columbia SC Lawyer. If you or your loved one is injured, it is important to understand that you have a right. It is also important to hire the right car accident lawyer to help you. Dealing with medical providers and fighting with big insurance companies can be a tedious battle, but you don’t have to fight on your own.

In South Carolina, motor vehicle accidents, especially car accidents, are extremely common. In 2017, 2,473 motor vehicle accidents were reported in Sumter County and 13,191 in Richland County. On average, South Carolina has one car accident every 4.9 seconds and one fatal accident every 10 hours. These accidents are often caused by confused drivers, drunk drivers and speeding and reckless drivers. If you are involved in a collision, you need legal guidance from an experienced Colombian, SC car accident attorney. Contact Mark Brown Law Firm today.

Columbia SC Car Accident

If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by another driver in Colombia, you may be unsure where to go for help. Your hand may be full to take care of your loved one and you may face financial stress due to medical bills. You need an experienced Colombian car accident lawyer to answer your questions. And give you reliable guidance on how to get your life back on track.

Our Colombian car accident lawyer strives to make a positive difference in the lives of every client we represent. Our clients are good people who deal with difficult situations. As part of our signing process, our friendly legal team will try to compensate you while treating you with respect and sympathy. We want to make sure you get all the medical services you need.

Columbia SC Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, car accidents are common in South Carolina. Destructively, these accidents sometimes lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. We’re sorry if this is the case with you or a loved one. We are here for you. It is our experience that insurance companies do not simplify the recovery process after a car accident in Columbia, SC. We are here to handle your case so that you and your loved ones can devote all your time. Attention and energy to the most important thing: healing. I

f you are injured in a car accident and are not sure where to start or try to deal with the insurance company on your own and not get where you want to be. Our team is here to help you. With over 60 years of combined experience. We have the skills and resources we need to make the most of what you owe under South Carolina law. Call our award-winning Colombian car accident lawyers today at (803) 888-2200 or fill out our secure online request form for a free consultation.

Car Accident Law in South Carolina

South Carolina is a “fault” state (also known as tort liability) for auto accidents. This means that anyone who is guilty of an accident will pay for any injury. In a “fault” case, the injured party has more options than in a “no-fault” case. In addition, the injured party can file both claims against its own or another driver’s insurance company, as well as sue the other driver in a civil court. A jury or judge believes you are liable that the amount of negligence can be reduced by compensation.

The cause of your own injury is the accident. Since negligence must be proven, the intervention of a car accident lawyer like Stanley Law Group can make a difference in the amount of compensation you receive in Columbia, South Carolina. We fully understand all of South Carolina’s car accident laws. And can help you decide whether to decide in court or out of court. Always remember that a police report of an accident should be made before filing any claim.

Car Accident Liability in Columbia, South Carolina

Drivers in South Carolina are required by the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act to maintain adequate amounts of liability insurance that may result in accidents and injuries. If another driver has an accident and you are injured. South Carolina law allows you to claim compensation for your loss from at-fault driver insurance.
To blame the other party for your injury, you must show that the other driver was to blame for the accident. To avoid an accident, South Carolina drivers need to take proper care while behind the wheel. You need to show that the faulty driver failed to use reasonable care and that this resulted in an accident that injured you.

South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

If you drive in South Carolina often, you probably know that we don’t have the safest road. Indeed, our state has consistently ranked among the top ten most dangerous states for driving on the basis of car accident mortality. Accidental deaths in South Carolina are sadly common. But the impact these accidents have on those involved and their loved ones is never easy.
This is why our organization is relentlessly fighting for justice for those involved in a serious car accident and their families. We are committed to getting our clients the full justice they deserve for their injuries, loss, pain and suffering, medical bills. And other damages after a serious car accident.

Why Choose Your Car Accident Lawyers?

Choosing the best car accident attorney near you is a personal decision and should not be taken lightly. You deserve an experienced and empathetic legal representation that you can trust from the start. Our auto accident lawyers pride themselves on open communication with clients. And personal services to ensure you hear after a car accident.

We are proud of our results. Our personal injury lawyers are constantly striving to achieve the best possible results for our clients depending on the type of accident and the type of injury. Choosing our dedicated team of auto accident attorneys puts you in a position to receive compensation for your injuries following a car accident claim.

Why should I hire a car accident lawyer in Columbia, SC?

Although you can claim a car accident yourself, such claims can quickly become complex. An insurance coordinator or defense attorney for an insurance company can use what you say against you as an admission. Legal representation from an experienced car accident lawyer can protect you during such conversations.

Often, when recovering from a car accident injury. You need to have time to focus on healing instead of worrying about processing your car accident claims. Hiring a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina can relieve the stress of your claim and give you valuable time to heal and get back into your life.

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