Canada Bank Shooting Viral Video

Two suspects dead, six officers injured in B.C. bank shooting

Canada Bank Shooting Viral Video. Police in Saanich, BC, said they were investigating the possibility of a “third suspect” being involved in a fatal shooting at a bank that left two suspects dead and six officers injured on Tuesday. Police insist they do not believe there are any additional risks to the public. And investigators will continue to provide threat assessments when available. As of Wednesday afternoon, three of the injured officers had been released from the hospital. While the other three continued to receive care.

Duthie said the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team was not too far from the Bank of Montreal. When reports of an armed robbery call came in and were on the scene in a timely manner to deal with the suspects. The police chief added that explosive devices found inside a vehicle. Associated with the suspects at the scene have also been disposed of. Officials from the BC RCMP Provincial Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) brought the explosives to Saanich’s heartland landfill and “safely destroyed” them, according to Duthie.

Two suspects dead, six officers injured in B.C. bank shooting

Two robber suspects wearing body armor were shot dead in a shootout with police outside a bank in Saanich, BC, on Tuesday. Six members of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team were also injured, three of them seriously, police said. Saanich Chief Const. Dean Duthie said some homes in the area also had to be evacuated as police investigated a possible explosive device in a vehicle belonging to the suspects. He said he had never seen this level of violence in Saanich, where he had served in the force for 27 years.

Later Tuesday, police picked up a shelter-in-place advisory for other residents in the vicinity because they said they found no further indication of a possible third suspect involved in the robbery. Duthie said police believe some of the six officers will be released from the hospital soon, others have more serious injuries and have undergone surgery. Officers were called to a report that armed men had entered the Bank of Montreal branch. But Duthie said the shootings began when the suspects left the bank. Creating a situation that was extremely dangerous for the public.

Shootout At Canadian bank

Canadian police shot and killed two people and wounded six officers during a gunfight at a bank in British Columbia on Tuesday. And nearby homes were evacuated after a potential explosive device was discovered, police said. Members of the Emergency Response Team arrived at the Bank of Montreal in Sanich, Vancouver Island, near the U.S. State of Washington border, around 11 a.m. (18:00 GMT), law enforcement said.
Six officers wounded in the gunfire were taken to hospital. Some of whom will be released soon but others “have been seriously injured and have undergone surgery,” Duthie said. The video, posted on social media, shows a police officer and a police dog chasing a dog at gunpoint. Police have asked any witnesses to submit video evidence, CBC News reported.

Officers Injured in shootout outside a Canadian bank

The suspects were killed after an exchange of gunfire with police outside Saanich Bank. According to Sanich Police Department Chief Constable Dean Duthi. No one was injured inside the bank, Duthi said, adding that it was one of the most violent scenes in his nearly 27-year tenure at Saniche. A district municipality on Vancouver Island in the Greater Victoria area. “What I know about that chaotic, tragic, dynamic, violent scene is that it’s really amazing that no civilians were injured in any way,” Duthie said. Officers first responded to the scene around 11 a.m. after receiving information that two armed men had entered a bank.

Explosive devices found in vehicle of B.C. bank

Chief Const. Dean Duthie said an RCMP explosives disposal unit was able to move devices from a vehicle to the local landfill. The Heartland Landfill Facility, and destroy them on Wednesday. Two suspects were killed and six members of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team (GVERT) were injured in a shooting outside a bank late Tuesday morning. Witnesses described hearing dozens of gunshots just after 11 p.m. Duthi said three of the six officers injured in the gunfight are in hospital. One in intensive care, another officer will need further surgery in the next few months. When three officers were treated and released and they are recovering at home.

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