Can You Schedule a Text Message on iPhone?

How to Schedule a Text Messages on Your iPhone

Scheduling tasks ahead of time can increase your productivity, improve time management, and help you get things done without forgetting. Scheduling email on mobile is easy. Some instant messaging apps like Telegram have built-in “schedule” functionality to send pre-composed messages at a later date and time. Unlike Android, whose native messaging app supports message scheduling, iOS’s Messages app lacks the same functionality.

Apple doesn’t include scheduling as an option in the iPhone’s Messages app, but it’s possible to send future texts using another built-in app. The iPhone can send scheduled text messages, although Apple hasn’t built this capability directly into its Messages app. With the option to set a date and time to send a message, new possibilities open up.

For example, reminders for friends and family can be planned in advance. And ideas that might pop up in the middle of the night can be sent during work hours. Apple’s Messages app is versatile and fun, making it easy for Apple users to communicate on any of their devices. From an iPhone, to an Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Memoji and effects add some flair to pinned messages and sharing with you so it’s easy to stay organized. It is also possible to send a text on an Android device but some features will not look the same on those phones.

iPhone Shortcut To Schedule A Text

When a message needs to be sent but would be better to wait until later, it’s possible to set a future time using an iPhone shortcut automation. The user can open the Shortcuts app. Tap on the Automation tab and then tap on the plus sign ‘+’ at the top right. Once done, tap Create Personal Automation. The time of day should be selected and, after entering a time, tap Next to proceed. The user then has to select Send Message to choose a recipient and type a message. For reference, this automation should be deleted before the next day or it will repeat.

For a more advanced option that can be scheduled days in advance, a shortcut called Delayed Time iMessage by Jonathan Dodds consists of several steps that calculate the time between the current and future dates, sending a text message when that time passes. After receiving the shortcut, it is added to the My Shortcuts tab and tapping on it will prompt for the required details. This only works with phone numbers and not email addresses. This shortcut also appears on the Share sheet in the Photos app. So a photo can be attached to the message if desired. Whichever method is used, Apple’s Shortcuts app is the best way to schedule iPhone text messages.

Can You Schedule a Text Message on iPhone ?

The instant gratification of texting can be great. But sometimes you may want to wait until an appropriate time to send a message. Scheduling your text messages in advance can help. If you have an iPhone, you can’t schedule texts directly from iMessages. So you will need a third party app to accomplish this. Depending on which iPhone you have, though, you may be able to set up recurring messages using the built-in Shortcuts app. Here’s what you should know about text formatting on an iPhone.

How to Schedule a Text Messages on Your iPhone?

  • Download the Schedule app on your iPhone and go through the setup process.
  • During setup, choose the paid premium plan if you want to send your scheduled texts automatically. Or choose the free version if you want to get a reminder when it’s time to send your scheduled texts.
  • On the assigned home screen, tap the plus + sign at the bottom of the screen to create a new assigned text.
  • Select which messaging platform you want to use at the top of the screen. Then enter the recipient’s contact (or contacts – you can create a group for repeat texting) using the To field. If you haven’t already done so during the setup process, you’ll need to allow the app to access your contact list during this time.
  • Enter your text, add a photo if you want, then tap Set Date and select the time and date the message will be sent.
  • Do not repeat the default setting; To create a message that will be sent periodically, tap Repeat and select the appropriate option.
  • Tap the reminder box if you’re using the free version of the app. Or if you don’t want it sent automatically and have the option to send it manually at specific times. If you have a premium plan and want to send the app, tap Send automatically.
  • Tap Schedule Messages at the bottom of the screen and you’re all set.

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