Bappi Lahiri Cause of Death [How Did He dies at 69]

BappiLarihi, a legendary Indian singer, died today at the age of 69. Every single of his fans is wondering about Bappi Lahiri’s cause of death. Bappi was highly renowned for his many super hit songs of the late 1970s-80s. Today, the whole film industry is mourning his death.

Bappi Lahiri Cause of Death

Go through our complete article. Here you will come to know in depth the cause of Bappi’s death and also all about his funerals. So, scroll down to read more.

An official statement from the hospital read, “Bappi Lahiri was suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and recurrent chest infection. He was treated by Dr Deepak Namjoshi. He was hospitalised in Criticare Hospital, Juhu for 29 days. He recovered well and was discharged home on 15 February. However, after a day at home, his health again deteriorated and he was brought back to Criticare hospital in a critical state and succumbed to his illness at about 11:45 pm. He suffered from Covid infection last year. He had OSA since the last one year. He was admitted on multiple occasions in Criticare Hospital under treatment of Dr Deepak Namjoshi and recovered on all occasions.”

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How Did He Die?

Bappi Lahiri, a well-known singer-composer, died at the age of 69. His sudden death shocked not the music industry but the complete world. It has come to know that he was sick for long days and admitted into the hospital. On Tuesday, suddenly, his health condition became deteriorated, and the doctor was called to his home. He suggested Bappi to get admitted to the hospital again. On Wednesday morning, he took his last breath. Doctors declared that he had multiple health issues, which led him to death. Scroll down to learn in dept.

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What Happened?

Bappi Lahiri was the most famous figure and highly adorable to all. But it is the matter of great sorrow that he is no more among us. He breathed his last in a Mumbai hospital on February 16. Dr. Deepak Namjoshi, director of the hospital, declared PTI a short description related to this death. As his declaration, Bappi was in unstable health condition for a month. That’s the reason he was admitted into the hospital to get treatment.

After a long month, he became a bit well, and doctors discharged him on Monday, February 14. But suddenly, he became sicker. After noticing his unstable health, they call a doctor at their residence. After an initial checkup, the doctor told his family member to bring him to the hospital as soon as possible. Then, on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at the Criti Care Hospital in Juhu, he died and ended his successful career at 69.

Doctors revealed that he had several health issues, but the leading cause of his death was OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) shortly before midnight. His death news is spread all over social media, and all are paying their heart-felt tributes to this great musician. Even Prime Minister of India, NarendraModi, has expressed his grief on Twitter.

Funerals of Bappi Lahiri

Bappi died last night due to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). The news was really shocking after a great shock of LataMangeshkar’s death. The music world has lost two big superstars in a few days’ difference.

According to the source, his last rights will be held on Thursday mid-morning, February 16. His family is waiting for Bappi’s son Bappi Lahiri, who lives in Los Angeles, US. Now every famous artist, musician, the director is coming to his residence to pay tribute to his death.


The death of such a renowned and skilled musician is an irreparable loss to the music world. The complete film industry, along with his fans, will ever miss him and his songs. We are paying our hearth-depth tribute to him from our team.


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