Antwainsworld Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did He Die?

Very few deaths shook the world like the young Antwainsworld cause of death. This beautiful soul died at quite an early age, and nobody was ready for it. Losing him was one of the biggest tragedies of 2021.

But what’s the cause of his untimely demise? If you don’t know much about it, let’s discuss everything you need to know about Antwainsworld’s death in detail.

Antwainsworld Cause of Death

Antwain Lee Fowler, widely known as Antwainsworld became an internet sensation with his childhood video. His viral video “Where we ‘bout to eat at?” got millions of views, and he suddenly became popular everywhere.

But his adorable smile was short-lived as he left us at the age of 6! He’s no more between us, and the world grieves over this fact to this day.

How Did Antwainsworld Die?

The actual reason for Antwainsworld has not been out yet. But he was struggling with Auto-immune Enterapothy for years. And that’s considered to be the reason for his tragic death.

However, as there are no official data backing up this fact, you should not draw any conclusions based on this information. It’s best to wait for an official announcement that reveals the actual reason for his death, and that’s how you can know his cause of death.

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What Happened

Antwainsworld died at the age of 6, and that was one of the most heartbreaking events of 2021. The day was Sunday, November 1, 2021, when this young soul left us forever.

He was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enterapothy(AIE) in July 2015, and that is a very rare disease that doesn’t let nutrition get absorbed in the body. For that, he had to go through over 25 surgeries in his lifetime. And he was hospitalized countless times as well.

When he died, his mother was left heartbroken. Also, the entire world showed love towards this young man. Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms were flooded with prayers for Antwainsworld.

Finally, his funeral was taken care of on December 4, 2021. Right before that on 2 December was his birthday. There was a balloon release ceremony arraigned Claude Pepper Park in North Miami to remember his birthday.

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Autopsy Report of Antwainsworld

The autopsy report of Antwainsworld is not out yet. This young viral sensation died at a very young age, and the entire world was left shocked.

As the report is not out yet, it’s not possible to confirm the actual cause of his demise. But as he was diagnosed with AIE 6 years back, and has been hospitalized countless times for that, that’s more likely to be the cause.

Nonetheless, he will be missed forever, and the world just can’t forget about this dire loss.

Final Thoughts

Antwainsworld was an adorable kid who gained popularity through his viral videos. But he had to suffer from the unfortunate disease and die at such a young age. He shall be always remembered for keeping on fighting the disease for 6 years till he died.


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