Amanda Blake Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did She Die?

Amanda Blake cause of death might be an old case by this year, but it’s still one of the most horrific and tragic celebrity deaths of all time. She was an iconic actress of her time, but people confused her death so much.

To help you get accurate information about Amanda Blake, let’s go over everything collected in one place for your convenience.

Amanda Blake Cause of Death

If you remember the western television series, then you might recognize Amanda Blake at glance. She was in the show named “Gunsmoke”. She was mostly known for her red-haired saloon proprietress, and her name was “Miss Kitty Russell”.

Everything seemed calm and normal before the news of her death was announced. That news brought a stream of grief to her fans, and the world misses her even after all those years.

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How Did She Die

Amanda Blake died of AIDS at the age of 60, and it was a heartbreaking death. Some people thought that she died of cancer, which is not true at all.

According to her friends, she wasn’t involved in taking any drugs or any act of sexual promiscuities. So, the virus is more likely to enter her body from one of her former husbands.

The date of her death was on August 16, 1989. She had to battle the HIV virus for a couple of years before she left us forever.

What Happened

There were a lot of rumors and misinformation about the death of Amanda Blake. Apparently one of the hospitals and her friends said that the main reason for her death was cancer. That is not true at all, and you won’t find any real evidence of that.

According to a rumor, she was a heavy smoker. And that caused oral cancer after a while, which eventually lead to her death. That’s not true at all. She went through surgery for her oral cancer in 1978, but that’s not the reason for her death.

Actually, Amanda Blake died of AIDS-related issues. She was at Mercy General Hospital and she passed away there.

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Autopsy Report of Amanda Blake

The autopsy report of Amanda Blake confirms that she had the HIV virus. That caused her immune system to collapse, and she got cardiopulmonary arrest due to liver failure. On top of that, she got CMV hepatitis as well, which is also connected to AIDS.

As we mentioned in the previous segment, there were a lot of rumors about her death. And the autopsy report did the perfect job bringing the truth about her death in front of everybody.

However, with her death, the world lost a precious soul. She’ll live forever among us through her work, and you can see that as people still remind her with love and respect even after decades.


Amanda Blake has so much influence on western TV. There was a lot of fans heartbroken hearing about her death. Hopefully, she is in a better place now, and we all should pray for her as well.


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